7am movie

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Would you wake up in the wee hours on a Saturday to watch a discounted movie? I wouldn't. But we did!haha

We just watched Avatar (were we the last ones??) on 3D in Lotte cinema Saturday last week. We were supposed to see it earlier but we couldn't make any reservations.

It was only my second time seeing a movie in a cinema here. The first time was an early morning movie, too which usually starts at 9am (the 7am movie was a special case probably due to public demand!haha). People usually pay 9,000 KRW for a regular showing. But an early morning movie costs, 5,000 KRW. Not bad right? Something like this comes in very handy for cheapskates like me and Asul!hahahha

Avatar though costs 13,000 KRW on 3D and since we deprived ourselves of a little bit more sleep to be in the cinema before 7, we only paid 8,000 KRW. It was quite a deal since there were three of us cos we tagged our nephew along :)

So... a 7am movie... anyone?! :)

Visiting Jeju Island: "ALL IN" drama set

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ALL IN (2003) ( Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Kyo) drama set is located in Seobkoji, a district in Southern Jeju. All I remembered was the throng of tourists and the WIND which was hyperly blowing all over me,haha

A whale!! which was not moving..lol it actually consisted of two rocks which amazingly looked like a whale from afar..
. See?
Oh, and I DO remember this one... (mga feeler!!) hahaha

Visiting Jeju Island: Manjang Cave

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Manjang Cave (Manjang-gul) is one of the longest lava tubes in the world. It was formed as the lava was pushed to the surface from deep down during volcano eruption long time ago.

If I'm not mistaken, this was the first time I had ever been to a cave (and a lava tube at that!) I didn't see much inside though cos it was kinda dark (obviously!) but I liked the mere feeling of walking inside. Oh, and it was interesting to see this amazing lava formations exhibited in several segments of the cave.

Going in...

Too bad, I didn't have any decent picture inside... technical difficulty,hahaha

This " lava turtle" was the last lava formation we saw (we didn't walk further anymore). There was this small equipment that tourists press to hear the explanations in different languages like Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. The lava turtle was said to be in resemblance with Jeju Island's shape with Mount Halla right there in the middle. It was also said that you can make a wish by touching the turtle's head (which of course I did!) :)

taken on our way out...

Visiting Jeju Island: Yongmeori Coast

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This was where we walked the longest :)

Sorry my hair was all over the place..hahaha :)

This is "hong sam" a type of "he sam" or sea cucumber...

AND we ate it raw! :) It was yummy with red pepper paste:)

Visiting Jeju Island: Daepo Seashore

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And these are nature's miracles:) Soooo nice:)

Visiting Jeju Island: Gimnyeong Maze Park

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LOL This one was fun. At first I was thinking it was just a piece of cake to go through the maze. But it took us awhile to figure out how to reach the other end!haha

This was the map, also in a brochure, to guide us on our way round the maze. I was just staring at it the whole time but never actually used it.lol It was a little tricky and it was funny when I heard some people joking shouting "Bihenggi!!" (which means airplane!LOL... i was seriously considering that option!kkk)

In the maze. Harry Potter?! Isdatyu?!kkkk

This is the maze's top view..

Yey!! We made it! And I actually thought we would be stuck there for like forever!haha

Visiting Jeju Island: Glass Castle

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Glass Castle is a large glass art theme park with glass arts produced by professional glass artists from such places as Italy, the Czech Republic, and Japan. It is divided into two sections: indoor modern glass model center and outdoor theme park.

Well, this was one of my favorites. They have plenty of pretty stuffs and all I did was take pictures :) The pictures below were just the tip of the iceberg! ;)

That's all! *bow* kkk

Visiting Jeju Island: O' Sulloc Tea Museum

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I'm actually a coffee person. But I do drink tea! In fact, we drink tea instead of plain water at home (cos that's what ASul wants!) so it's like we drink tea EVERY day. (but im still a coffee person..haha:)

Anyway, tea drinking has been a part of Korean traditional culture particularly among royal families and aristocrats. Hmmm... now that I mentioned, I wonder if Asul has royal blood or somethin' ?lol cos he's a huge fan of tea.haha

Jeju is said to be an ideal location for producing quality tea because of its climate and geographical conditions. (I sooo love the weather there cos it was cool... not freezing like here in Seoul) :)

This is the green tea field just opposite to the museum.
And this is Jeju's traditional gate (we saw this at the entrance of most of the tourist spots we visited).. there's another same rock at the other end as well:)

And this is the cup gallery with tea items and tea sets on display.

There's a cafe as well where we ordered green tea ice cream:)

And this is the observatory. The view was not really breathtaking but I WAS breathless cos we used the stairs to go up (and it was just on the third floor! exagg! kkk)