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Would you wake up in the wee hours on a Saturday to watch a discounted movie? I wouldn't. But we did!haha

We just watched Avatar (were we the last ones??) on 3D in Lotte cinema Saturday last week. We were supposed to see it earlier but we couldn't make any reservations.

It was only my second time seeing a movie in a cinema here. The first time was an early morning movie, too which usually starts at 9am (the 7am movie was a special case probably due to public demand!haha). People usually pay 9,000 KRW for a regular showing. But an early morning movie costs, 5,000 KRW. Not bad right? Something like this comes in very handy for cheapskates like me and Asul!hahahha

Avatar though costs 13,000 KRW on 3D and since we deprived ourselves of a little bit more sleep to be in the cinema before 7, we only paid 8,000 KRW. It was quite a deal since there were three of us cos we tagged our nephew along :)

So... a 7am movie... anyone?! :)



(were we the last ones??)

-No! Di ko pa sya npapanood till now! hahaha! One of these days. ;)

pero 7am? hmmm...sarap pa matulog nun eh! hehe!

mishu po!


hi phoebe! nong nabasa ko to, i told husband about it.. he couldn't believe it. it's even cheaper than a person's fee to a dvd bang, hahaha...


@mish- ako man, di na ata mauulit ang 7am movie!haha amishu too~ *hugs*

@jehan- hahaha di ko pa natry mgpunta sa dvd bang:) s lotte cinema pa lang kami nakakapanood so di ko alam if ganun din sa ibng cinema.... pero diba?!! it pays tlaga to be an early bird!haha

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