Visiting Jeju Island: Manjang Cave

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Manjang Cave (Manjang-gul) is one of the longest lava tubes in the world. It was formed as the lava was pushed to the surface from deep down during volcano eruption long time ago.

If I'm not mistaken, this was the first time I had ever been to a cave (and a lava tube at that!) I didn't see much inside though cos it was kinda dark (obviously!) but I liked the mere feeling of walking inside. Oh, and it was interesting to see this amazing lava formations exhibited in several segments of the cave.

Going in...

Too bad, I didn't have any decent picture inside... technical difficulty,hahaha

This " lava turtle" was the last lava formation we saw (we didn't walk further anymore). There was this small equipment that tourists press to hear the explanations in different languages like Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. The lava turtle was said to be in resemblance with Jeju Island's shape with Mount Halla right there in the middle. It was also said that you can make a wish by touching the turtle's head (which of course I did!) :)

taken on our way out...



i envy you..
i always wanted to visit the lava tubes.. i'm not pressuring alex we go there too in the near future, haha... i'm waiting for him to tell me though. he doesn't like going to far places. we were supposed to go there for my MIL's 70th birthday, instead of celebrating it with the whole family but she insisted we celebreate it in a hotel/restaurant instead so she could invite her friends over...


awww, sna ma-try niyo kahit once lang. Kaso ang daming pwedeng puntahan kaya mas okay kung more than once,haha im sure papayag hubby mo:) Gusto ko nga ulet bumalik dun, yung kami lang ni Blue. Kasi we were with his colleague's family nung pumunta kami. Kaya lang ipon muna to the max,hehe

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