Visiting Jeju Island: Gimnyeong Maze Park

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LOL This one was fun. At first I was thinking it was just a piece of cake to go through the maze. But it took us awhile to figure out how to reach the other end!haha

This was the map, also in a brochure, to guide us on our way round the maze. I was just staring at it the whole time but never actually used It was a little tricky and it was funny when I heard some people joking shouting "Bihenggi!!" (which means airplane!LOL... i was seriously considering that option!kkk)

In the maze. Harry Potter?! Isdatyu?!kkkk

This is the maze's top view..

Yey!! We made it! And I actually thought we would be stuck there for like forever!haha



waahhh! Kung ako cguro maiyak iyak na ako! Once u started ba wala ng atrasan? I mean walang ibang way to get out? wehehe! di na ako makahinga by mere looking at the pics haha!


hindi, kelangan tlgang tapusin.hahaha kalurkei:)

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