Visiting Jeju Island: O' Sulloc Tea Museum

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I'm actually a coffee person. But I do drink tea! In fact, we drink tea instead of plain water at home (cos that's what ASul wants!) so it's like we drink tea EVERY day. (but im still a coffee person..haha:)

Anyway, tea drinking has been a part of Korean traditional culture particularly among royal families and aristocrats. Hmmm... now that I mentioned, I wonder if Asul has royal blood or somethin' ?lol cos he's a huge fan of tea.haha

Jeju is said to be an ideal location for producing quality tea because of its climate and geographical conditions. (I sooo love the weather there cos it was cool... not freezing like here in Seoul) :)

This is the green tea field just opposite to the museum.
And this is Jeju's traditional gate (we saw this at the entrance of most of the tourist spots we visited).. there's another same rock at the other end as well:)

And this is the cup gallery with tea items and tea sets on display.

There's a cafe as well where we ordered green tea ice cream:)

And this is the observatory. The view was not really breathtaking but I WAS breathless cos we used the stairs to go up (and it was just on the third floor! exagg! kkk)



hi Phoebe! i remember reading this siguro hours after you posted it. that time i was avoiding coffee so i won't have a painful period but still, reading about COFFEE (being a coffee person) really started a feeling inside me, like an itch on your nose that you have to scratch it but your hands are so full with heavy things that oh you just couldn't do it? haha... anyway, i still drank coffee and kept on drinking and got a somehow not so painful D, hahaha...


LOL naaliw naman ako sa description mo nung "feeling" hahaha na-feel ko talaga:) naku, super kape din tlaga ko, may period o wala! :)

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