Visiting Jeju Island

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What a way to spend the New Year! We flew to Jeju Island on January 1st and we came back Monday (after being stuck in Jeju airport for 6 hours!!! cos of the super snow!) We even had to land in Incheon instead of Gimpo airport.

ANYWAY, there are three things that Jeju is said to be abundant of: wind, women and rocks.

Being surrounded by the sea, Jeju is naturally windy. It was also said that the island has a lot of women (not anymore though according to this article) because men working at sea tend to get lost long time ago. And as shown in the picture below, there are plenty of rocks in the island because of the volcanic activities of Mt. Halla, South Korea's highest peak, in the past.

This rock fence is practically everywhere...and I mean EVERY where except in the downtown area.

Another thing that Jeju is known for is Hallabong, a seedless, sweet citrus fruit primarily grown in Jeju and named after Halla moutain.

I'm soooooo hoping I can post the rest of our trip later:)


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