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Asul and I tied the knot on the 16th of February, 2008 at The Sulo Hotel in Quezon City Philippines.

As I was digging in all our wedding pictures I can't help but wish I could relive that day. It was definitely not perfect but it was one of the happiest I have ever been:)

I so love our venue. The Sulo Hotel was very near from where I used to live. The place was grand and elegant and yet you'd still feel its homey vibe. It was very convenient for me too since they offered a wedding package that took care of everything. So I didn't have to go crazy putting up the whole thing. Catering, decoration..etc :)

The bouquet was from SM North!!!! hahahah I was super stressed and was just thankful my bestfriend was there to help me sort things out. We personally ordered it in a small stall in the mall and had it delivered the night before the big day. Super tipid!hahahha :)

Who said the groom shouldn't see the bride before the ceremony???? We dressed up in the same room!! haha

This was what I realized SHOULDN'T have happened. We had a mini-pictorial outside the hotel before our wedding at 10am (the ceremony was at the hotel,too)... and so! Some guests arrived quite early and saw us/ME already! And I thought I could have my grand entrance or something,haha

I wasn't able to enjoy this much (cos every thing went by in a blur!) but we had this flaming sword ceremony as we entered the hall the second time as married couple:)

See my puffy eyes??! Blame it to my mom who was crying the whole time!haha One of the reasons I want to get married again (to the same person of course!bwahahhaha!). I just wanna have a tear-free wedding. Is it too much to ask?! :)

How did I end up with a krung-krung?

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*Note: This was my very first post when I started this blog. I'd just like to share it with you again since Asul and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary today:) Warning: Isa siyang nobela sa haba!! lol )

( I have come to associate "krung-krung" (a Filipino slang which could mean crazy, weird or foolish) to Koreans mainly because of Sandara Park (who's been known to be an International Krung-krung). Though it's unfair to label the Koreans as such, I can't seem to break the habit of using them interchangeably (disregarding its literal meaning of course! ) lol


all I want to say is that i am married to one... i mean a certified "krung-krung"... Asul or Blue.

It has been more than a year since we have officially tied the knot and i can't help but look back and ask myself... how did i end up with a krung-krung?

It was march 2006. I met him through a common friend. I had been teaching English to Koreans in a language center for over 3 years that time and I swear! Never had I thought of marrying a korean! (or any other nationals other than my own for that matter) (Though seeing some cute korean guys made it so tempting!harharhar) Having a job like i did was like stepping into a part of korean world. And knowing just a part of it had me so against marriage to koreans.

Anyway, when i met him, i knew it right away... it was definitely NOT love at first sight!haha I just tried to be friendly with him and talk to him and all but he was so trying to avoid me! (which later on i learned from him that it was because his nose was secretly bleeding while talking to me! it was a struggle for him to speak English!:)

He became my student in the language center and eventually I became his private tutor. I was still a university student that time so when he asked me if i could teach him outside the center... hmmm, why not?! It was "Thursdays with Blue" indeed. We got along surprisingly well. He was a diligent student and I was, as he said, an excellent teacher (it was either he was just buttering me up or his standard was depressingly low!LOL)

There was really nothing special or anything. Until one day, specifically after I came back to the city from a trip to my hometown, he became different. He became kinder and more concerned. I just ignored it (yeah right! but still took notice of every single sweet thing, duh?!) I had never entertained the thought though that he had deep feelings for me mainly because he was not my type!haha He's much older than me and physically, he's not bad either, but i was thinking, though i was definitely not the "princess-looking" girl, i was still hoping for a prince charming to come!haha Blue was charming, yes, but my mind always said he didn't look like a prince!haha

Anyway, there was this one incident when i confirmed eveything.

We were in his unit (purely English class, no bad stuff, promise!) We started having our class there when he moved out from the language center's dormitory. We ate dinner together and we chatted some more after. It was night time and i couldn't help but look out the window. You could see the entire area from his place... the buildings, lights and all. It seemed to be the perfect time that he probably decided "This is it!" and gathered his courage to say that he liked me. I was so nervous! Not that he was harmful. Super harmless,really! But it was not a "kilig moment" (no sparks or anything) for me. It was the perfect moment but it seemed to be the wrong person. Why was that? And another thing was, I was bothered by so many things that time because I was about to graduate that year so I thought nothing or no one could distract me in any way.

Things became awkward for me after that incident. But Blue played it cool. He stayed as he he was but with a little distance. He was not persistent to ask for my response. We still had this student-teacher relationship (with a bit of spice in it!harhar) I was determined to work this out. My goal: to graduate! And i couldn't do that without a job!

However, one thing was still bothering me... At 22, I was a certified NBSB! (No Boyfriend Since Birth) lol And so i thought, why not give it a try? Just for the sake of being "taken" before graduating from the university. I suddenly thought about my friend who said that according to some study (in my country), on these days when the number of girls is much higher than that of the boys, if you didn't get to have a boyfriend before graduating from the university, there would be a little probability that you would have one after that! Was she just trying to scare me or what? I must have been so frightened that even though i was not in love with him, i went for it anyway.haha

Well, honestly, it was partly true. I mean, I didn't have any feelings for him when we officially became together. And i promised myself that before he leaves for Korea, i'll simply put an end to it. But it was harder than i thought.

He was such a nice person and he seemed so sincere and just the thought of hurting him makes me feel bad as well:( One of the things that i liked most about him was on how he tried to get along well with my family. Wohooo! with the bribes and all!haha The first time we went to my hometown together, he bought boxes of fruits and brought them along. He brought some korean food as well. He made some sandwiches and he even cooked some soup for the oldies at home (i didn't know he had such culinary skills!:)

But the most touching thing he did for me was when he helped me reconcile with my father. My only family was my mom and my brother and we had been separated from my father for more than 10 years. I had not seen him for a long time. Until one day, I received a call from my father's relatives saying that my father was ill. I was thinking of visiting him but i was having second thoughts. I was not so ready you know, after the long separation and all. I told my story to Blue and he immediately said that i should go there before it's too late. I might regret it afterwards if i didn't go. And so after that, the four of us, Mom, brother, Blue and I went to my father's hometown. It was a very dramatic moment. But the bottom line was, though we didn't get back together as a family, apologies were said and we were able to put the past behind. And that's partly through Asul's help (wasn't it the sweetest thing?)

A month after that, Blue had to go back to Korea already. I must have flooded the entire Visayas Avenue! And, most probably, my plans to end everything? was never done! Was it karma or what?!haha He promised to keep in touch which he really did. It was not easy. And i don't know how we did it but we managed to keep our relationship. He even went back to the Philippines twice in just a year. But we, or for the most part, he always had this hanging question " And so.. what now? "

The thing was, since we started being together, he already proposed to me. He even talked to my mom about it. But it was a super NO for me because i still wanted to do so many things in my life. But he felt so pressured because of his family. At his age, he was really supposed to be settling down. And his family was so urging him to get married right away. And so he was like proposing everytime we were talking over the phone. But my answer was always a big NO.

Until... during the Christmas season in 2007, all the way from Korea, one of his sisters came to the Philippines simply to ask me the question i had been dreading " Are you and my brother going to get married or what?" I couldn't give a proper answer even until she went back to Korea. The negotiation had been so complicated... Me, Blue and his family. But to wrap it up, in the name of LOVE, i ended up saying YES! But it didn't really end there! Everything was on the fastforward mode. Blue planned a wedding around the second week of February (because... guess what? that's the only time he was allowed from work! hello? Was it just a dinner you're attending somewhere in Cubao?lol) And the funny thing was, i had not even decided if i would agree to the date he was insisting on me. It was just on the 20th of January when i finally said "the second week of February indeed!" Which meant less than a month of preparation! Hello again!:)

Surprisingly, given the VERY short time of preparation, we pulled it off. Amazing, huh? (If you need an express wedding coordinator, my bestfriend and I are the ones you need!lol)

Three months after the wedding, i flew to Korea.


and that's how i ended up with a krung krung!
and the krung krung and i will live happily ever after!:)

Pizza for dinner...

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... is a sign that I'm not a dutiful wife anymore (less harsh way of saying lazy!) ! haha We haven't had a decent meal since I started my job in an English "hagwon" (academy) a month ago. So far, I'm so loving my job but Asul probably isn't!

Actually I don't need to eat at home cos the hagwon provides lunch and dinner. But Asul insisted that we have dinner together (he even offered to wash the dishes for like twice a week to persuade me. No wonder he opted to buy pizza instead!LOL)

And so this past week, we survived with pizza, kimbab and noodles for dinner!

We almost always order pizza in Pizza School. Their pizza is not only yummy but affordable,too! We get to enjoy their pizza for as low as 5,000KRW. And since I'm a sucker of cheese, ASul always makes sure he pays an additional 2,000 KRW for a cheesy crust!:)

Korean pizza usually goes with pickles... but MY pizza has to go with garlic dip! :)

Even before, whenever I don't feel like cooking, I always ask him if he wanted kimbab with "ramyeon" or noodles! I didn't make this kimbab, though. A roll costs 1,000 KRW or so. :)

As yummy as I thought our meals were in the past week... I wish the coming week would be better (hmmm.. samgyubsal?!!! hahaha) I mean, more decent :)