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Asul and I tied the knot on the 16th of February, 2008 at The Sulo Hotel in Quezon City Philippines.

As I was digging in all our wedding pictures I can't help but wish I could relive that day. It was definitely not perfect but it was one of the happiest I have ever been:)

I so love our venue. The Sulo Hotel was very near from where I used to live. The place was grand and elegant and yet you'd still feel its homey vibe. It was very convenient for me too since they offered a wedding package that took care of everything. So I didn't have to go crazy putting up the whole thing. Catering, decoration..etc :)

The bouquet was from SM North!!!! hahahah I was super stressed and was just thankful my bestfriend was there to help me sort things out. We personally ordered it in a small stall in the mall and had it delivered the night before the big day. Super tipid!hahahha :)

Who said the groom shouldn't see the bride before the ceremony???? We dressed up in the same room!! haha

This was what I realized SHOULDN'T have happened. We had a mini-pictorial outside the hotel before our wedding at 10am (the ceremony was at the hotel,too)... and so! Some guests arrived quite early and saw us/ME already! And I thought I could have my grand entrance or something,haha

I wasn't able to enjoy this much (cos every thing went by in a blur!) but we had this flaming sword ceremony as we entered the hall the second time as married couple:)

See my puffy eyes??! Blame it to my mom who was crying the whole time!haha One of the reasons I want to get married again (to the same person of course!bwahahhaha!). I just wanna have a tear-free wedding. Is it too much to ask?! :)



Wow! looking through the photos I felt a certain kind of happiness for the both of you. And you look very pretty in hanbok and in your red dress dun sa last pic.

Happy 2nd year anniversary! ^_^


hi phoebe! happy 2nd anniversary...

hm... is this the sulo hotel near QC city hall? my cousins and i stayed on the same street ("m" something) for months in 2006... my kuya cousin had a kidney transplant at kidney center. we were supposed to stay at sulo hotel but we found a really nice apartment nearby..


@ april- awwwww, na-touch naman ako dun. thank you. pag pinaguusapan namin ni asul yung wedding na yan sumasakit ang ulo niya.haha super haggardness kasi.lol

@jehan- yun nga yun ms.jehan! sa Matalino street po siya. Marami ngang pwedeng tuluyan sa area na yun. Thank you po sa greetings:)


haha.. oo nga, matalino st... kahapon while i was writing my "comment" i kept on thinking of the place... m.. maligaya, mahinhin, matahimik... m.. m... i forgot matalino, so i ended up describing na lang yung area, haha...


@ms.jehan- hahaha natawa naman ako dun. makulit ka rin,noh?! :)


Hi phoebe! I came across your site - while researching about korean life ^^ Its been very entertaining to read about you and your husband Blue ^^

Coincidentally, I'll be traveling to Korea with my family this June and I recalled reading about your trip to the Korean World Travel Fair last year. Its going to be held at the same place again this year and the exhibition dates are perfect for us ^^

I was wondering where you printed out the free tickets from their website? :)

Thank you very much! God bless you and Blue ^^


@ally- hi! thank you for dropping in:) check this site po for info about the travel fair-


kaso di pa po ata ready yung tickets kaya wala pa kong nakitang link pra makapagprint. Check na lang po ulet later if ever.

wow! hope you enjoy your trip here:) If we have time to go to the travel fair again, kita po tayo:)

oh, and check this site din po for other events sa coex din-


thanks again! tc!


ate pheng, happy anniv nga pala daw sabi ni gil. Mejo guilty pa rin ako di ako nkaattend ng wed haha! Sayang nmn! I know u'r happy friend...stay that way! iloveyou!


@ mishi- thanks! hay naku, iniisip ko pa what i should ask from you dahil isa ka sa mga pasaway na di pumunta!haha Super thank you ulet. love you!:)

pusang kalye

alo--I heard of you and your story from your friend Mishi.....

mishi said...

it just means na you're doin ur job with passion. Yah, u probably won't remember every single student you had...but u'll always be remembered if u influenced them the most. Cheers!

Btw, I have a teacher friend too who used to work sa Korean school.She's now in Korea and happily married with her once korean student. Check her site: http://kimchiiorsomethinglikeit.blogspot.com/

...........wow---congratulations to you. I could see that you are successful and all.....

.... btw. I will add you in my blog list okay. ingats


@pusang kalye- Thank you naman :) Successful? errr... sa career ba?haha Hindi naman. But if it's in terms of finding the person to spend the rest of my life with.. then I can say I am! :)

I've just added you in my list. Thanks again for dropping in! tc!:)

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