Pizza for dinner...

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... is a sign that I'm not a dutiful wife anymore (less harsh way of saying lazy!) ! haha We haven't had a decent meal since I started my job in an English "hagwon" (academy) a month ago. So far, I'm so loving my job but Asul probably isn't!

Actually I don't need to eat at home cos the hagwon provides lunch and dinner. But Asul insisted that we have dinner together (he even offered to wash the dishes for like twice a week to persuade me. No wonder he opted to buy pizza instead!LOL)

And so this past week, we survived with pizza, kimbab and noodles for dinner!

We almost always order pizza in Pizza School. Their pizza is not only yummy but affordable,too! We get to enjoy their pizza for as low as 5,000KRW. And since I'm a sucker of cheese, ASul always makes sure he pays an additional 2,000 KRW for a cheesy crust!:)

Korean pizza usually goes with pickles... but MY pizza has to go with garlic dip! :)

Even before, whenever I don't feel like cooking, I always ask him if he wanted kimbab with "ramyeon" or noodles! I didn't make this kimbab, though. A roll costs 1,000 KRW or so. :)

As yummy as I thought our meals were in the past week... I wish the coming week would be better (hmmm.. samgyubsal?!!! hahaha) I mean, more decent :)



i enjoy it when alex brings home "fast food" sometimes. He'd close our bedroom door (MIL lives with us and she frowns upon "ff" and when we eat together, she keeps pushing food around the table, usually towards me or alex and it irritates me...) and just enjoy an hour or so eating and chatting...


ang kulet naman ni MIL mo,hahaha :)


that pizza looks yummy! I also like cheese so I always get disappointed whenever the pizza crust would turn out to be stuffed with sweet potato rather than cheese. :-(


@jempres- i don't like sweet potato in my pizza,either. nkakaumay!haha :) Thanks for dropping by:)


Kani maki ba yung kimbab? ;)

Mahirap talaga pag working. Ako nga usually at the end of the day, the least I can do is to drop by the 1st fastfood chain na madaanan ko and un na yun (or anything instant). Bawi nlng ng luto during rest days and holidays noh?

Pero mukha nmng masarap yung pizza, keri na yan! ;-)


oo makulit sya... sobra, haha...

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