Nakji (낙지)

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"Nakji" or small octopus is the favorite food of my late "shi aboji" (father-in-law) and my husband's family prepare this as an offering during "chesa" or memorial service.

Every year, Koreans do chesa to remember their loved-ones who passed away and thank them for looking after the family. My husband's family do it twice a year. One for FIL and another for "haraboji and halmoni" (grandpa and grandma). It was FIL's chesa last Tuesday and since I had a long weekend from work, I was able to go to Mokpo and mess up the kitchen!haha (okay, the latter was not actually true cos i never cooked anything! I was more of a dishwasher and table setter! lol :)

It was like Thanksgiving and Korean New Year in terms of food except that we also prepared what FIL liked the most. The whole Tuesday was spent for cooking and it was midnight when the table was set and the sort of ceremony began. We placed FIL's picture on the table together with the food. It was the guys' moment cos only Asul, his older brother and his nephew bowed in front of FIL. They bowed together and individually, after each offered a shot of soju. We were supposed to eat together after the sort of ceremony but I was too full to stuff more food in my tummy.kkk

Hmmm... FIL's chesa this month, New Year last month AND grandparents' chesa NEXT month. How's that for the first half of 2010?!! lol :)

Korea's Next Top Model

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... is showing on the second half of this year! :)

KNTM will be the second localized franchise from a foreign language reality competition on Korean television after Project Runway Korea, which is now on its second season. It will be shown on one of Korea's cable channels, OnStyle. Applicants must be 15-27 years old and must be over 165cm. (haha tama bang pati yun i-plug?!) T'was funny though how Allison appeared here as ANTM's Season 12 winner instead of Teyona! LOL

im so looking forward to this:)