Away on a weekend: The Garden of Morning Calm

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We left Petite France early the next day and headed to The Garden of Morning Calm. It's a flower garden conceptualized by a korean professor and inspired by a poem describing Korea during the Yi Dynasty as "The Land of the Morning Calm" by an Indian poet.

April is already peak season (which is until October) but we were there at the beginning of the month, so they were just starting to grow the flowers. The ones below were from the flower shop near the garden's entrance.

And like in Nami Seom and Petite France, the fee is 8000KRW,too~

Wondering what these are?

they're stacked stones for prayers~ shamanism according to asul :) here's ours~

Wish we could visit this place again before the peak season ends. It would be hard though cos it's not very accessible (at least with public transportation). We don't have a car by the way!haha We traveled by SIl's car. Wish we had one though,hehe AND I MUST learn how to drive! (i want to, anyway) cos never in a million years will Asul drive for me, he hates driving.kkk

Well, this was our last stop. Dunno when the next one would be. But I wish it would be just Asul and me next time *fingers crossed* :)


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