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I missed my blog's first birthday which was 3 weeks ago! (I remembered it just 6 days after the actual date and it took me ages to write about it!) How could I?! kkk It was not like I was busy 24/7. I was just really preoccupied these days :)

Well, what can I say?

I used to be so anxious of having someone actually read what I wrote, especially the ones in English. I was not so confident you know. The only people who had probably read my writings were my English teachers who required me to do them in the first place.kk And being part of our school paper in high school didn't count since it was in my native language. Even now, I must admit, and as you may have noticed, my writing is far from brilliant and hardly exceptional.haha

But what the heck! I started blogging anyway. LOL (it must have been through age that I was able to overcome my fear of showing who I am as a writer... in short, getting older made me thick-skinned.haha :)

I like writing but it's the thought that through this blog, I'd be able to look back to my experiences living here in my second home that matters to me most. And apart from that, being able to make friends is a huge plus (since I consider myself as a not so sociable person!kkk)

And so I wanna thank everyone... those who keep on visiting my site and enduring reading my nonsensical posts (why?! lol); those who look at my pictures (i mean, pictures i've TAKEN,hehe kapal ko naman); those who leave comments (which i'm always looking forward to reading, really. super thank you. keep them coming.haha); to the silent lurkers (i feel you people!kk) and even those who just accidentally drop in and leave after a second! LOL

It's not like I have tons of readers or something,lol but knowing that someONE's actually reading inspires me to keep on writing. (wow, i feel like i'm making some speech for a 10-year-old blog or something.haha exagg!:)

Anyway,here's to more years of blogging to come:)




Congratulations feeby dear!;) U know that u'll always have us-Gil & I-as your avid followers. U're the one who inspired me to make my own blog, kaya nga if u think of ur writings as far from brilliant and not highly exceptional eh pano pako?;) You're doing great as a matter of fact, believe me! ;)

Btw, we enjoy looking at your pics (taken and ahm...ur pics!;)



Wow! Happy 1st bday to your blog! ^_^
I enjoy reading your posts and looking at the pics...kaya sana you would keep on posting ok? :)


Ahn young ha say yo! Okay, i am trying to learn korean language now after being struck by the hallyu wave. kkk
Let me say this though, that I love reading your blog - its spontaneous and good for you that you include nice pics too, which I know we, the readers, are grateful of (especially us who still wishes to go to S. Korea).
I must say I just picked your name at random (mind you there are so many of you who is now living and loving Korean life). And I must admit I enjoyed reading your site. Keep on writing. Just be yourself. And congratulations! You are definitely a true blogger now. ;)


awww... mishi, april & tet_d, super thank you, it means a lot to me:)

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