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It's been a month since my last post! What's wrong with me?! And what's wrong with the time? Why is it too damn fast? LOL

I'll be posting again soon! (hopefully!haha) :)



oo nga, you should!!! every month i make a target number of posts/articles kaya lang di ko name-meet din.. haay...


hmm sometimes this happens... and it's normal.. it's a cycle. :') Take your time.


honga! Namiss kita. Anobey...anong meron? Sa fb nmn active, tse! ;) Nami island entry pls.... ;)


@april- i'll try hehe

@jehan- you must be busy:) hala, ako nga pansin ko lang, 3 posts a month ako for the past two months! anuver. :)

@joel- onga, ganun pala yun. but now i feel like posting again. sana regular akong makapagpost ulet:)

@mishi- super not in the mood lang talagang magsulat. Minsan nakatitig lang ako sa monitor.haha iba naman sa fb noh. upload ng pics, ayus na. amishu too! :)


yup.. i also think something is wrong with the time..kkk...it's either too fast or too slow! ^^

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