pissed off = productive

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Ever had the urge to do something when you're so sad, upset or angry other than wacking your pillows or hitting a punching bag? I just did.

I was soooo pissed off at Asul today (on a Sunday! Lord, pls forgive me). Let's just leave out the "why" question, shall we? Cos you'd probably side with Asul if I told you.lol And the thing is when I'm depressed or something, I have this habit of cleaning and fixing stuff at home.

I have probably turned the house upside down today. I started off in the bathroom. After that, I vacuumed and mopped the floor from the living room to the bedroom. Next, I scrubbed the tiles in the veranda. And then as if it's not enough, I headed to the kitchen sink and scrubbed it as well. I had the clothes spinning in the washing machine,too while I was doing all these chores. By the time I was almost done, the frown on my face was gone and I felt its muscles have also relaxed. That's when I thought, "NOW I'm feeling better." I turned around and saw the refrigerator as if it was saying "How about me?" and I thought "I'm back to my old self, I'd just deal with you next time, ok?!lols"

For the record, I'm not used to doing this much on a weekend!haha It's far different from how I imagine a weekend should be. But hey, it's not that bad. If not for me being pissed off, I wouldn't be this productive:)

We just had dinner by the way! and Asul rewarded me with sam gyup sal! :)

Who is Haechi?

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Asul finds it funny that I'd want to celebrate every single special occasion in the calendar (even the trivial ones like Peppero day) and, yes, even the ones that we have nothing to do with like "Children's day" which was on the 5th of May. Anyway! Why not do something special (i mean, something ELSE other than staying at home) since it's a holiday?! :)

And so on "Children's" day, we went to Ttukseom Resort which is along Han Gang or Han River for a picnic! The place was uber crowded as expected but it wasn't that hard to find a spot to spread our mat cos there's plenty of room (kahit mag-cart wheel ka pa!kk)

Here's the view of the place from the subway station...

It's been awhile since the last time we were here and so I was surprised to see this huge pipe just as we got out of the station...

The tunnel was full of exhibits and stuffs specifically about Han River. But the one below was for Hangeul or korean alphabet. It's a landscape installation showing Hangeul in 9 different fonts.

And hey, this is us! Taken in front of the huge installation above. We were trying to make a heart shape using our arms (the korean way..haha) but it looked more like a b*tt. So we just settled with our cutie cutesy pose. lol

As we were about to go out of the tunnel... tadaaaaa!haha the Haechi Miro or Haechi Maze... (a smaller version of the maze we went to in Jeju Island:) hmm... so who is Haechi?!

Now, THIS is Haechi (yung yellow ha, hindi yung white na naka-shades,lol) Haechi is the symbol of Seoul (like the Big Apple of New York, ganun. or Jollibee of Jollibee.lol) It's generally known as Haetae, a mythical lion-like creature said to be a guardian against disasters and fire. Actually, we have met na pala?! I mean, Haechi and Me. It was in my post last year and I just referred to it as a mascot which had too much candy or something...:)

We walked around after eating our foodies,hehe (nothing fancy, just grapes and cherry tomatoes (as in, addicted sa kamatis!) cookies and junk food...) this is where the pipe ends...

And this is the Ttukseom dock... we originally planned to go on a Han Gang Ferry Cruise (roundtrip takes about an hour and there's one-way trip too) but I was not in the mood to go anymore (thanks to my period, what a perfect timing!) but then on a second thought... i think it's better we didn't go... i'll just save it for the next time we can go at night... when we are both in a romantic mode or something!harharhar :)

Dol Janchi (돌 잔치)

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So! Two weeks ago (pansin ko lang, most of my posts these days happened WEEKS ago! When can i actually start saying "Today... " ? ), hubby and I were at my Pinay friend's baby's "Dol Janchi" or first birthday party.

The first time I attended this kind of party was that of my korean friend's baby, which was in an Italian restaurant somewhere in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This time, it was in a banquet hall in Gyeonggi-do. And like in any other birthday parties, it was attended by relatives and friends. What made it quite different though was that my friend, her hubby and baby were all wearing "hanbok" or Korean traditional clothes! (but it's not like that all the time... people choose whatever they want to wear:)

The place was decorated with white and blue for the birthday boy. There were fruits and 'dol tteok' (돌 떡) or rice cake on the table at one end of the banquet hall~ the family stood here during the short program after the guests had all eaten~

Can i just say that my friend is one of the most artistic people I know?hehe She made most of the stuffs here especially for her baby's birthday..there was also a video presentation she made herself... ok, now im so envious,hehe The boxes on the right were the giveaways which were two painted cute mugs~

And the highlight of the event was the "Doljabi" or the "grabbing event" where they let the baby pick one among different kinds of objects foretelling the baby's future.
The objects to choose from were stethoscope-which meant the baby would be doctor; money- meaning wealth; rice- meaning he would never go hungry; pencil- meaning he would be scholarly; and microphone- well, obviously, if the baby would be the future member of BigBang or 2PM or something,kkk
The baby normally just gets to pick once... but hey, there's nothing wrong with picking some more, right?hehe especially if it didn't choose what the parents want!haha My friend's baby first picked the stethoscope and it got the pencil the second time. The guests could participate, too. We got these coupons that we dropped to the glasses below, whichever we think the baby should pick. And then there was a raffle draw where we get to win prizes and stuff~

And since the baby picked the pencil (WE chose the pencil,too!) our number was drawn and I took home a prize! (and I THOUGHT draw lots was never my thing, im hardly the luckiest person, you know:) The funny thing was, I was supposed to say something in front as I claimed our prize, you know a message for the baby and the family. But all that came out of my mouth was the most heartbreaking "Saeng il chuk ka hamnida" (happy birthday!) How pathetic was that? Was I just speechless or I was just never good at thinking on my feet? I think it's both.haha :)

Three weeks

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... overdue. This post, I mean:)

We went to Yeouido for the cherry blossom festival weeks ago (and when I say weeks ago, it means that white petals are long gone by now,hehe).

It was my first time in Yeouido (yey!). The place is the "Manhattan of Seoul" being the financial center of the country. You can see the 63 Building- Seoul's tallest building, MBC and KBS- television companies and Samsung and LG headquarters here:)

Taken in front of our apartment building~ it was kinda cloudy to start with but thank God it was sunny the rest of the day~

First step in Yeouido~ (pityur kagad!:)

huge pots of flowers~ you actually have to squat to have photo op with them (after waiting for your turn cos lots of people were crowding the area :)

one of the recycled-stuffs-turned-to-art thingy we saw as we were walking along~

Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Bo Young of the drama Birth of the Rich in KBS2, which has just finished by the way. You can watch it here.

Isn't it the cutest thing?!hehe I was literally running after this cutie cos it was walking so fast! I wasn't even able to get a good front shot. Notice its tiny shoes?!kkk


It will be another year before I see this again. Not the dog, i mean, the cherry blossoms,haha

I just lurrrv spring! :)