Dol Janchi (돌 잔치)

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So! Two weeks ago (pansin ko lang, most of my posts these days happened WEEKS ago! When can i actually start saying "Today... " ? ), hubby and I were at my Pinay friend's baby's "Dol Janchi" or first birthday party.

The first time I attended this kind of party was that of my korean friend's baby, which was in an Italian restaurant somewhere in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. This time, it was in a banquet hall in Gyeonggi-do. And like in any other birthday parties, it was attended by relatives and friends. What made it quite different though was that my friend, her hubby and baby were all wearing "hanbok" or Korean traditional clothes! (but it's not like that all the time... people choose whatever they want to wear:)

The place was decorated with white and blue for the birthday boy. There were fruits and 'dol tteok' (돌 떡) or rice cake on the table at one end of the banquet hall~ the family stood here during the short program after the guests had all eaten~

Can i just say that my friend is one of the most artistic people I know?hehe She made most of the stuffs here especially for her baby's birthday..there was also a video presentation she made herself... ok, now im so envious,hehe The boxes on the right were the giveaways which were two painted cute mugs~

And the highlight of the event was the "Doljabi" or the "grabbing event" where they let the baby pick one among different kinds of objects foretelling the baby's future.
The objects to choose from were stethoscope-which meant the baby would be doctor; money- meaning wealth; rice- meaning he would never go hungry; pencil- meaning he would be scholarly; and microphone- well, obviously, if the baby would be the future member of BigBang or 2PM or something,kkk
The baby normally just gets to pick once... but hey, there's nothing wrong with picking some more, right?hehe especially if it didn't choose what the parents want!haha My friend's baby first picked the stethoscope and it got the pencil the second time. The guests could participate, too. We got these coupons that we dropped to the glasses below, whichever we think the baby should pick. And then there was a raffle draw where we get to win prizes and stuff~

And since the baby picked the pencil (WE chose the pencil,too!) our number was drawn and I took home a prize! (and I THOUGHT draw lots was never my thing, im hardly the luckiest person, you know:) The funny thing was, I was supposed to say something in front as I claimed our prize, you know a message for the baby and the family. But all that came out of my mouth was the most heartbreaking "Saeng il chuk ka hamnida" (happy birthday!) How pathetic was that? Was I just speechless or I was just never good at thinking on my feet? I think it's both.haha :)



Na-imagine ko yung party, masaya lalo na nung grabbing event...Akala ko ang baby natutulog lang pag may party =)
Have a nice weekend!
Umuwi si mitz ng quezon, boboto daw sya eh...kaya I'm all by my lonesome =(

Faith Salazar

OMG that is a very cute tradition ha - letting the baby pick from a bunch of random objects to foretell his future! Hehe! Parang fairy tale lang! Masubukan nga 'yan when I have a baby.. Good luck..


hi Phoebe! thank you for the greeting.. how about you? kailang naman magkakaroon ng Little Phoebe or Little Phoenix? ㅋㅋㅋ


That's so fun and unique! Wala bang pix sa baby boy and the guests? hehe nice blog again.


hi gil! kumusta naman, nagbotohan na't may presidente na tayo,ngayon lng ako nakareply!lol actually, nkatulog na yung baby, nagising lang ulet in time for the grabbing event. thanks for dropping in:) *huggies! to both of you and mishi!*


hello faith!! how are you?! kaaliw noh? subukan mo nga, it'd be fun. thanks for dropping in. tc~:)

ms.jehan!hehe now, that you mentioned, I think Phoenix is not bad for a name!bwhahaha may friend naman ako, sabi, Little Park dw.haha im still keeping my fingers crossed. super congrats ulet! tc~:)

tet_d- it was fun&unique indeed:) i have pictures of the baby and my friend's family kaso di ko na kasi napaalam sa friend ko if it'd be ok to post their pictures here. kaya di ko na lang sinama:)


ei fibz,
thanks sa pag post(now ko lng nabasa)! kla ko di mu maipopost ksi super bz ka... nweiz ako ang ng-enjoi tlg dat day. muaz! love yah!

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