pissed off = productive

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Ever had the urge to do something when you're so sad, upset or angry other than wacking your pillows or hitting a punching bag? I just did.

I was soooo pissed off at Asul today (on a Sunday! Lord, pls forgive me). Let's just leave out the "why" question, shall we? Cos you'd probably side with Asul if I told you.lol And the thing is when I'm depressed or something, I have this habit of cleaning and fixing stuff at home.

I have probably turned the house upside down today. I started off in the bathroom. After that, I vacuumed and mopped the floor from the living room to the bedroom. Next, I scrubbed the tiles in the veranda. And then as if it's not enough, I headed to the kitchen sink and scrubbed it as well. I had the clothes spinning in the washing machine,too while I was doing all these chores. By the time I was almost done, the frown on my face was gone and I felt its muscles have also relaxed. That's when I thought, "NOW I'm feeling better." I turned around and saw the refrigerator as if it was saying "How about me?" and I thought "I'm back to my old self, I'd just deal with you next time, ok?!lols"

For the record, I'm not used to doing this much on a weekend!haha It's far different from how I imagine a weekend should be. But hey, it's not that bad. If not for me being pissed off, I wouldn't be this productive:)

We just had dinner by the way! and Asul rewarded me with sam gyup sal! :)



I've heard about this productive 'habit' mo kay tita fely nung 1st time umuwi ng korea c Blue after maging kayo. Super scrub ka raw ng paulit ulit ng bahay habang cry cry haha! I wish I were like u. Wag mo pabasa kay Blue 'to ah, baka mawili sya awayin ka madalas haha!

miss sam gyupsal! but i miss you more feebs! mwuah! :)


when you feel bad again, maybe you could come over to my house... you're free to "turn my house upside down"

kidding aside, that's better than downing a pint of jamoca almond fudge from baskins ;p


jusko! i do all those everyday wahahaha.



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mishi- actually ako lang naman ang nang-aaway. tsaka boring nman kung lagi akong mabait. maiba lang.lol :) amishuu!!!! :)

ms.betch! it's another option, kaso tamad naman akong lumabas para bumili.haha

ms.wendy- ako rin po... dati!haha ngayon super tamad na! :)

hello janelle- thanks for visiting:)

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