Three weeks

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... overdue. This post, I mean:)

We went to Yeouido for the cherry blossom festival weeks ago (and when I say weeks ago, it means that white petals are long gone by now,hehe).

It was my first time in Yeouido (yey!). The place is the "Manhattan of Seoul" being the financial center of the country. You can see the 63 Building- Seoul's tallest building, MBC and KBS- television companies and Samsung and LG headquarters here:)

Taken in front of our apartment building~ it was kinda cloudy to start with but thank God it was sunny the rest of the day~

First step in Yeouido~ (pityur kagad!:)

huge pots of flowers~ you actually have to squat to have photo op with them (after waiting for your turn cos lots of people were crowding the area :)

one of the recycled-stuffs-turned-to-art thingy we saw as we were walking along~

Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Bo Young of the drama Birth of the Rich in KBS2, which has just finished by the way. You can watch it here.

Isn't it the cutest thing?!hehe I was literally running after this cutie cos it was walking so fast! I wasn't even able to get a good front shot. Notice its tiny shoes?!kkk


It will be another year before I see this again. Not the dog, i mean, the cherry blossoms,haha

I just lurrrv spring! :)



thanks for sharing these photos sis.. coz i wasn't able to chase the blossoms, really.. i'm still happy for that romantic night under one tree but the following day, when i went back to take its picture, almost half of the petals were on the ground already. it was sooo windy that day.. sayang talaga, haha...


"first time in Yeouido" - talaga? i live so near i almost take it for granted. sana nakapunta ka nung may 1.


missed it again.. sadly.. :( nice pictures..


the doggie and flowers with denim pants are so cute! ^-^


wow! am actually speechless, but my mind is racing... imagining am there. thanks for sharing the pics. i can almost smell the flowers from here. hehe


jehan & giselle- sayang, it was really nice to see the cherry blossoms again. Asul and I... i mean, I lang pla... make sure na we'd have time for this...once a year lang kasi.hehe

ms.wendy- eksayted nga po't first time,hehe sorry po ulet i wasn't able to make it nung may 1. marami pa naman pong next time. :) For now, binubusog ko na lang po ang mata ko sa mga pictures ng little&baby dynamo niyo:)

tet-d- naaliw nga rin ako dun sa pictures nung flowers! ang galing nung camera.haha

laine- love the doggie and the flowers,too:)


Nice, very nice pictures! I missed Youido so much, the most beautifull place in Seoul, were I lived for almost tree years. The smell of so many flowers, the cherry blossoms and the collored leaves on the ground in the autum time are still im my mind. Nice pictures, really nice! Thanks a lot for sharing these pictures. One day in my life I will go there again! Demmylima.

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