Who is Haechi?

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Asul finds it funny that I'd want to celebrate every single special occasion in the calendar (even the trivial ones like Peppero day) and, yes, even the ones that we have nothing to do with like "Children's day" which was on the 5th of May. Anyway! Why not do something special (i mean, something ELSE other than staying at home) since it's a holiday?! :)

And so on "Children's" day, we went to Ttukseom Resort which is along Han Gang or Han River for a picnic! The place was uber crowded as expected but it wasn't that hard to find a spot to spread our mat cos there's plenty of room (kahit mag-cart wheel ka pa!kk)

Here's the view of the place from the subway station...

It's been awhile since the last time we were here and so I was surprised to see this huge pipe just as we got out of the station...

The tunnel was full of exhibits and stuffs specifically about Han River. But the one below was for Hangeul or korean alphabet. It's a landscape installation showing Hangeul in 9 different fonts.

And hey, this is us! Taken in front of the huge installation above. We were trying to make a heart shape using our arms (the korean way..haha) but it looked more like a b*tt. So we just settled with our cutie cutesy pose. lol

As we were about to go out of the tunnel... tadaaaaa!haha the Haechi Miro or Haechi Maze... (a smaller version of the maze we went to in Jeju Island:) hmm... so who is Haechi?!

Now, THIS is Haechi (yung yellow ha, hindi yung white na naka-shades,lol) Haechi is the symbol of Seoul (like the Big Apple of New York, ganun. or Jollibee of Jollibee.lol) It's generally known as Haetae, a mythical lion-like creature said to be a guardian against disasters and fire. Actually, we have met na pala?! I mean, Haechi and Me. It was in my post last year and I just referred to it as a mascot which had too much candy or something...:)

We walked around after eating our foodies,hehe (nothing fancy, just grapes and cherry tomatoes (as in, addicted sa kamatis!) cookies and junk food...) this is where the pipe ends...

And this is the Ttukseom dock... we originally planned to go on a Han Gang Ferry Cruise (roundtrip takes about an hour and there's one-way trip too) but I was not in the mood to go anymore (thanks to my period, what a perfect timing!) but then on a second thought... i think it's better we didn't go... i'll just save it for the next time we can go at night... when we are both in a romantic mode or something!harharhar :)



lol. it's funny when you compared haechi to a mascot who ate a lot of candy..He sure looks more like THAT than a lion-like creature..kkk


korek! ang cute kaya.hihi :)

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