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I've heard this song from a cf on tv and it had been stuck in my mind again for awhile. (I notice I'm sooo prone to lss these days. I swear I was singing a line from Yeng Constantino's "Hawak Kamay" over and over two days ago!)

Anyway, I just posted this video since (1) The song Smile Boy, made by KB Banking Group and sung by Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna, is one of the songs expressing support to the Korean Team in the ongoing FIFA 2010 World Cup... which the koreans are uber crazy about! (2) Lee Seung Gi, singer, and Kim Yuna figure skater look cute in this video (3) Lee Seung Gi's smile just melts me into jelly (dontchathinkso?!) kkk

Oh, the Korean team will be playing Uruguay tonight, and guess what? We'll be watching it in Lotte Cinema (which i've never ever done back home just to watch Manny Pacquiao's match)!lol I can't believe we'd actually be paying 10,000 won for a ticket! I told Asul I wanted to go to Seoul Plaza to have the ultimate cheering exprience but he said it'd be hard to go home since it'd be midnight and we don't have a car. AND he doesn't like anywhere too crowded! hmmp! killjoy. haha

ANYWAY! DaeHanMinguk fighting! :)



Ako nmn,I dont remember liking Michael Jackson a alot pero pag may narinig akong song nya, parang di na maalis sa isip ko...paulit ulit.Haha! Enjoy the game phoebe! Mishu! Mwuah!:)

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