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My SIL is the sweetest. A few weeks ago, despite the rain, she delivered the table she promised to make for me. Well, she didn't really MAKE the table, if you know what I mean. She painted it! :)

Have I mentioned she's an artist? When I first saw her apartment, most of their furniture have her touch. And they're beautiful! Asul was so urging me to be her sister's apprentice (since she's an expert at painting AND she's done things like sewing, quilt making, dyeing clothes..) You know, like, she could be like Yoda to me or something.lol Cos he's always had this vision that in the future, I'll be the one making all the stuffs at home. Mind you, he is sooo into that idea. Well, good luck with that!haha :)

So! Back to the table. It wasn't painted yet when we were living together with SIl and her hubby. But she promised to give it to me when she's done with it (I bet she just squeezed it in her busy schedule) I tried NOT to get excited when I saw the pink table they were taking out of the trunk of the car. So I said, "Aww, Hyung nim! (which is the way we call an older sil) You didn't have to bring it all the way from your apartment." (but i said it in all honesty... which is true! promise!kkk) And I said thank you and it's so "yeppeuda" (pretty).

Here it is... Asul can't help laughing when I immediately placed my laptop on the table (I told him, it's only for MY laptop and sorry his ancient one can't be on it.lol) For about thirty minutes or so, I sat in front of the table trying to feel the good vibes of it or something. Btw, the whole "everything pink" theme wasn't planned. I just noticed it when I was about to take a picture:)

And speaking of paintings, this one was, ehem... made by yours truly.haha I got to attend folk art class with SIL's teacher when I was still bumming a few months ago. It was only a once a week class and I didn't expect I'd get a job sooner so I wasn't able to make more stuffs. Gosh, it was so hard to make the two flowers identical. And I suck at mixing the colors. AND the leaves look like mangoes (or worse, tamarind!) To think that I spent a lot of time practicing the brush strokes on a paper.lol

I had a blast doing it, though. And I might do it again when I have time :)



really 'pretty in pink'...~ ur so artistic and creative..I'd say those flowers were painted like a pro..~


your SIL's sweet! Galing!
Your paintings nice din nmn ah! Parang kalat lng yung mga dahon hehe! Jok. Huggies!~


ganda! pwedeng magpagawa sa SIL mo?


thanks cher and laine!

pasaway ka mishi.haha parang damuhan na ba yung mga dahon?!lol

ms. wendy! ano pong gusto niyong ipagawa? tanong ko po sakanya:)

super thank you po for inviting me ulet sa get together today. laki na ng utang ko as i can't join you again :( hope you have fun po! :)


she painted that? wow, she's soooo talented! ;-) verrry nice!


yza said:

wat a nice table...wish to have one but i think its a collectors item..its ok for me if ill just have the laptop..LOLZ but nice one..


@cpsanti- she IS talented. inggit ako,hehe

@yza- thanks for dropping in:)

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