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Did you miss me? I missed me too!LOL (as if!) I missed blogging,I mean:)

So, it seemed like I didn't do anything but eat last weekend. On Saturday, we treated my niece and nephew for dinner with Naeng-myun (cold noodles), which Koreans like to eat in the midst of the summer heat. And on Sunday, Asul and I had a lunch date in Heuk-don-ka (흑돈가), a newly opened restaurant near our apartment.

The restaurant's specialty is heuk-doeji gogi or Jeju black-pig pork which is a famous dish in Jeju Island.

Trivia: Heuk-doeji was also called "ddong doeji" or "dung pig" cos long time ago, people in the island used to raise pigs in a pigpen near their toilet! (now, you've probably lost your appetite,lol erase.. erase.. erase:)

Anyway! So here's a picture taken as we were walking to the restaurant.. I so love our neighborhood! There are lots of places to dine in and it's very convenient. I'm afraid we'd be leaving this place in a few months though... but that's another story :)

And here's Heuk-don-ka! Two floors are for dining in. Pretty big,huh?! A restaurant called Ocean Star used to occupy this place and we had never tried it... even once. I just used to stare at it longingly whenever I passed by.lol

It was around 2pm when we got in and there were just a few customers. The place was surprisingly jam packed though when we left (i didn't even notice people were coming in... i was so engrossed with eating.. lol

We were on table 2! Big restaurants usually have this buzzer, bell, whatever, for when the customers need anything *easy peasy* :)

The text on the paper basically explains the best way to eat the pork... like put some salt and... err, sorry, I barely finished reading despite Asul pushing me to go through the whole thing for my Korean. What the...?! I was here to eat! lol

Love this "mul kimchi" or water kimchi! And they especially added ice since it was so hot outside.

We ordered two types of pork. This is "hwang-je-sal" or the pig's neck part. This much costs 15,000KRW. It's delicious but i think it's just quite similar to the meat we usually eat when we have samgyeobsal.

and this is heuk-doeji gogi! Now, THIS. Was. Yummy! I've had this when we were in Jeju Island but it was still like the first time for me. A chunk which was a bit longer than the one you can see on the left costs 14,000KRW. It was juicy and tasty. So glad I don't have hypertension or something (yet!) Gosh, I love being young. :) haha I probably ate more than Asul did.

And this is what I love about eating out. My husband DOES the cooking! Actually, it's kinda traditional. Korean men are usually the ones doing stuff like this when outside. (pordat, could we just eat out every single day? pretty please?:)

(Btw, see the shirt he's wearing? I got it from Bang Bang and it's the exact same shirt Lee Minho was wearing in his image on the paperbag they were giving away!lol wala lang. :)