Kal Guksu

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Last Saturday, we went to a cellphone store near our place to replace my 4-year-old cellphone! (Well, actually, we'd been together for just more than 2 years cos my nephew's its former owner.)

It was a sort of bribe from hubby cos we didn't get to go ANYWHERE this summer. And besides, we'd been planning to buy a new phone for quite sometime. Okay, now im being defensive. The thing is, it was pretty expensive and I feel guilty about that. And it's by far the most high tech phone i've ever owned (can you blame me??? I didn't even experience a camera phone back home). So... justified? lol Anyway, i'm so enjoying it now... and asul? Well, when i saw him the moment I woke up Sunday morning, he was already tinkering the applications he downloaded the day before.haha (wow, my intro's quite long! the title should've been "kal guksu and cell phone" lol)

We headed to the "Kal Gugsu" restaurant afterwards.

"Kal" means knife and "guksu" is noodles. So literally, it's knife-noodles. :) It actually consists of handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles served with broth and other ingredients (do I sound like cookbook now?) lol

This is "bori bap" or barley rice which was served first. I don't normally like boiled rice with other stuff but this one's really good. You can put "gochujang" or red pepper paste in it if you want it a bit spicy.

And this is my favorite "jeon" in the whole wide world! It's "haemul jeon" or seafood pancake. It costs 8000KRW. The right side's a bit weird cos asul and I accidentally poked our chopsticks on the same part, ready to devour this thing. And that's when I gasped, "Wait! I need some documentation! LOL

And this is Kal Guksu. "Haemul Kal Guksu" or Seafood Noodle Soup to be precise. This much is 12000KRW, enough for two:) I was not after the noodles actually.lol I just sucked up the seafood! I love it anyways.

After the satisfying lunch, (you don't mind if go beyond kal guksu, do you? lol), Asul asked me if I wanted some bread from Tous Les Jours. But they don't have the egg tarts that I frequently buy in Paris Baguette. So I suggested we go to PB instead. (These are all only a stone throw away from our apartment by the way! Including the Kal Guksu restaurant. Don't you just love it?:) So we went straight to PB, which was the first time for ASul to see! I mean, honestly! And you call yourself a resident here?!lol Anyway, I had my tart and we stayed there for an ice cream.:)
We headed home after... HHWW. LOL (nah, we just headed home.haha And spent a lazy afternoon together:)
It was a perfect Saturday:)

I Heart Sindang-dong

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Craving for something hot and spicy? feeling for a rice cake? Why not try Tteokbokki? LOL

Corny? I know!haha I'm sorry I just don't know how to start off this post :)

It was last weekend when we went to Sindang-dong to get my phone (I left it in my friend's car when I visited her family. Luckily, she was working on a Saturday somewhere in Sindang, so Asul and I decided to go to her place to pick it up.) It was like an hour away from our house.

Apparently, there's also a famous area here called "Sindang-dong Tteokbokki Town" which is, obviously, known for "tteokbokki" or hot and spicy rice cake. So we agreed to have lunch there before heading to my friend's place.

We took subway line 6. You'd see this kind of map in all of the subway stations so you won't be wondering where on earth you are. If you're like me... with no sense of direction, trust me. It'd be useful:)

A lot of the subway stations are quite big and they have several exit gates. If you're planning to go to this tteokbokki town, you'd have to get out of exit 8.

We just walked straight a bit when we got out of the station. Turned left and walked some more. We didn't see the area right away and I was kinda panicking cos all I saw were restaurants for "tang", "guk" (which are basically soup!) and others.

"Where's tteokbokki?!" I asked Asul. And before I started nagging him again, this entrance arc came into sight. And he gave me a look as if saying "See?!"

The first restaurant we saw on the left was the original tteokbokki shop according to Asul. But it was full! And there's a queue of people waiting for empty tables. So we settled into "I Heart Sindang-dong" (It's supposed to be literally a heart shape but I don't know how to make one, pano ba?:)

Anyway, here's the menu. Gosh, it still gives me headache just to see korean text. So I just feasted my eyes on the pictures and asked Asul instead:) We ordered the one on top. It costs 10,000KRW for two. And you may have additional stuff like fish cake, ham etc. We requested for cheese tteok or cheese rice cake and we paid 3,000KRW for that.

Here's the Sindang-dong Tteokbokki the moment it was served.

And this is to show how big the serving was compared to Asul's tummy (would you believe he tried to go on a diet cos he got so conscious about his "big" stomach!? ooopps, THAT was supposed to be a secret *wink* :)

And here it is after a while:) It was bloody red (-ish.. more like orange:) but it was not as spicy as I expected it to be. Or my spicy food tolerance has just dramatically improved? It was pretty good, though. A bit sweet,too.

It's a rainy Saturday and I suddenly want one again :)


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okay. okay. i'm definitely NOT a baby. but I certainly cry. A LOT, i guess. (and not in a cute way,lol... in a messy sort of way:)

anyway, sorry, i just HAD to post this cos i don't want to talk to myself. My clock says 10:05 and I've just arrived home.

You see, I was on the bus home and it stopped in one of the bus stops. And there was this really tall man with a backpack jogging a bit to catch up with my bus. It was funny cos he reminded me of my father. Just a bit chubbier. The driver was probably having second thoughts if he was gonna ride or not cos the bus was like going and stopping and going and stopping.. if you know what I mean. Eventually, the man was able to get on and I realized the only empty seat was the one beside me (which he surprisingly occupied). And the thing was, the moment he sat down, tears welled up my eyes (now you'd think i'm a psycho!kkk but believe me it's kinda normal. lol ask my close friends:) I just couldn't help it. And so I had to cover my face with my hair as if I was Sadako or something so people won't think i'm insane. stupid tears.

It's just that I suddenly remembered the time when my dad would send me and my mom off in a bus terminal in Manila to go to our hometown. Cos we used to visit him in his workplace somewhere in the city. I was little then (when I so hated riding the bus cos I got so dizzy and threw up all the way home... ok, you don't need to know that) We would wave at each other when the bus was about to drive off and he would sort of walk with the bus to get a glimpse of me and my mom.

bottom line. i just miss my dad. I miss his tall figure and how he would tease me when I tried to fix myself like a lady when I was young. And i feel sad knowing i don't have the chance to see him anymore. I want to believe he can see me, though. and i hope he's taking care of me,too.

it's his birthday this month, by the way. So, i guess this would just be my "happy-birthday-Dad post" :)