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okay. okay. i'm definitely NOT a baby. but I certainly cry. A LOT, i guess. (and not in a cute way,lol... in a messy sort of way:)

anyway, sorry, i just HAD to post this cos i don't want to talk to myself. My clock says 10:05 and I've just arrived home.

You see, I was on the bus home and it stopped in one of the bus stops. And there was this really tall man with a backpack jogging a bit to catch up with my bus. It was funny cos he reminded me of my father. Just a bit chubbier. The driver was probably having second thoughts if he was gonna ride or not cos the bus was like going and stopping and going and stopping.. if you know what I mean. Eventually, the man was able to get on and I realized the only empty seat was the one beside me (which he surprisingly occupied). And the thing was, the moment he sat down, tears welled up my eyes (now you'd think i'm a psycho!kkk but believe me it's kinda normal. lol ask my close friends:) I just couldn't help it. And so I had to cover my face with my hair as if I was Sadako or something so people won't think i'm insane. stupid tears.

It's just that I suddenly remembered the time when my dad would send me and my mom off in a bus terminal in Manila to go to our hometown. Cos we used to visit him in his workplace somewhere in the city. I was little then (when I so hated riding the bus cos I got so dizzy and threw up all the way home... ok, you don't need to know that) We would wave at each other when the bus was about to drive off and he would sort of walk with the bus to get a glimpse of me and my mom.

bottom line. i just miss my dad. I miss his tall figure and how he would tease me when I tried to fix myself like a lady when I was young. And i feel sad knowing i don't have the chance to see him anymore. I want to believe he can see me, though. and i hope he's taking care of me,too.

it's his birthday this month, by the way. So, i guess this would just be my "happy-birthday-Dad post" :)



same old phoebe...halika nga, i-hug kita!Hmmm...

He's surely watching over you, and he's surely happy of what u have become.

iloveyou ate pheng...


there are moments when I get like that too...>_< the last time was when I saw a little girl riding at the back of her father's motorcycle, they were stopping by 7-11 to buy a slurpee... I suddenly remembered how my Dad and I usually go around our small town in his "hopper"...you could probably call me a psycho too 'coz I felt tears in my eyes..(";;) don't worry though, I believe our dads' are always with us...~


mishi- ano beh, naiiyak naman ako sa comment mo,haha loveyoutoo!:)

Thank you laine:)


hi Phoebe! just read this post today... oh, naluha naman ako. i miss my dad a lot this time. how i wish he could see his "korean-filipino" apo.

before, he would always tease me that i looked shorter whenever I was carrying my T-square (we use for drawing at basic engineering) but he was always so proud of us, watching us leave the house going to school. sayang nga eh. 2 years na lang g-graduate na ko when he passed away. my youngest sister even took nursing so she could take care of him. gusto rin nya non ng engineering, hehe. wala syang nakitang nag graduate sa aming 3 bunso. but i know he's watching over me. i dream about him often. i know your dad's watching over you too.. they do..


p.s. mas magiging iyakin ka pag nagbuntis ka na, hehe... joke...

ewan ko ba, i easily cry these days. basta....


@jehan- sayang noh, saya saya sana kung nakita ng dad mo ang singkit na baby :) ako naman, two months before ng graduation when he passed away.But my mind was kinda set na na we wouldn't be together on that day kasi we were separated for ages.hay naku, mahabang istorya,haha wish i could write about it some day :)

ganyan nga daw pag preggy, emotional. hehe

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