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Last Saturday, we went to a cellphone store near our place to replace my 4-year-old cellphone! (Well, actually, we'd been together for just more than 2 years cos my nephew's its former owner.)

It was a sort of bribe from hubby cos we didn't get to go ANYWHERE this summer. And besides, we'd been planning to buy a new phone for quite sometime. Okay, now im being defensive. The thing is, it was pretty expensive and I feel guilty about that. And it's by far the most high tech phone i've ever owned (can you blame me??? I didn't even experience a camera phone back home). So... justified? lol Anyway, i'm so enjoying it now... and asul? Well, when i saw him the moment I woke up Sunday morning, he was already tinkering the applications he downloaded the day before.haha (wow, my intro's quite long! the title should've been "kal guksu and cell phone" lol)

We headed to the "Kal Gugsu" restaurant afterwards.

"Kal" means knife and "guksu" is noodles. So literally, it's knife-noodles. :) It actually consists of handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles served with broth and other ingredients (do I sound like cookbook now?) lol

This is "bori bap" or barley rice which was served first. I don't normally like boiled rice with other stuff but this one's really good. You can put "gochujang" or red pepper paste in it if you want it a bit spicy.

And this is my favorite "jeon" in the whole wide world! It's "haemul jeon" or seafood pancake. It costs 8000KRW. The right side's a bit weird cos asul and I accidentally poked our chopsticks on the same part, ready to devour this thing. And that's when I gasped, "Wait! I need some documentation! LOL

And this is Kal Guksu. "Haemul Kal Guksu" or Seafood Noodle Soup to be precise. This much is 12000KRW, enough for two:) I was not after the noodles actually.lol I just sucked up the seafood! I love it anyways.

After the satisfying lunch, (you don't mind if go beyond kal guksu, do you? lol), Asul asked me if I wanted some bread from Tous Les Jours. But they don't have the egg tarts that I frequently buy in Paris Baguette. So I suggested we go to PB instead. (These are all only a stone throw away from our apartment by the way! Including the Kal Guksu restaurant. Don't you just love it?:) So we went straight to PB, which was the first time for ASul to see! I mean, honestly! And you call yourself a resident here?!lol Anyway, I had my tart and we stayed there for an ice cream.:)
We headed home after... HHWW. LOL (nah, we just headed home.haha And spent a lazy afternoon together:)
It was a perfect Saturday:)



I ♥ K-Culture! Looks yummy! :-)...following your from Buhay sa Korea site! ...looking forward to reading more of your posts!

...would ♥ to hear from you too!



hi Phoebe!

just finished cooking this for hubby.. yay! it's my first time and medyo naghingalo sa sabaw. basta "noodle" soups lagi akong sablay sa first try... di rin kase ako noodle person, haha...

i hope everything is okay out there. kailan kaya ulit tayo magkikita kita no?


hi des! thanks for dropping in:)just visited your blog. your baby Chase is so adorable:)


@jehan- wow, di ko pa natry magluto nito,hehe malamang super sablay.

im well, thank you. (and you?LOL) pero minsan parang di ko na namamalayan ang oras dahil sa work,haha looking forward to seeing you soon! wish ko lang, makapunta man lang ako kahit sa isang gathering ng mga seoulites :)

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