Losing My Mind

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The song in the video below is Lee Seung Gi's "Losing my Mind", ost of SBS's My Girlfriend is a Gumiho shown every Wednesday and Thursday. I would've posted Lee Sun Hee's "Fox Rain" (which is my phone's current ringtone,hehe) but I can't find a nice video. Anyway...

I freakin' love this show! If cuteness and sweetness overload were deadly, Asul's probably a widow by now.haha I may be kinda childish, but what the heck, i'm 14! lol

Trivia: MGIG's writers, the Hong sisters, are also the ones behind You're Beautiful (2009) which I've watched a couple of times (errr... make that 3 times, but hey! that's including the time when it was still being aired :)

Okay, now i'm officially teenager again :)

Fun stuff

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It was weeks ago when we went to Hyewa, where Filipinos gather for the Sunday mass and the open market, and saw these cool stuff in Hyehwa station.

There's a digital photo zone where you can take as many pictures as you want, as long as nobody's queueing in or they're gonna kick your b*tt.lol They're for the public, you know :) And then you can send the pictures taken to your email. There are also ones which have the neighborhood map, subway map and other informative stuff :)

Asul was typing in his wish on the wishing balloon. Well, what can I say?! Times have changed indeed! We don't even have to fish some coins out of our pockets and throw them into some stagnant pond or something.lol :)