Time Check

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...it's already 1:02am and I'm still waiting for Asul who, when I called 30 minutes ago, was still in a meeting! Kumusta naman? I was about to pick a fight over the phone (and was about to ask if he's just fed up with me so he doesn't want to come home or he just doesn't love me anymore... okay, that's just me overreacting:) when he said, "So, should I just go to work tomorrow instead?" (which is, of course, my edited version of his question.lol) Tomorrow? (I mean today, technically) Oh, no. Work on weekends is a big NO for me. So, I automatically shut my mouth and the argument was finished before it even started :)

... it's Saturday again and I can't even remember what happened this week! But believe me, it was chaotic! We had Halloween Party, Thursday and Friday at the hagwon and the only things stuck to my mind were me being a witch and the zombies. But that's another story :)

... it's almost November and I'm close to having a big ZERO under the October post.

... it's gonna be Christmas again in like.. two minutes? (i mean, seriously. where's all the time going?) and I'm wondering when I will be spending it again with my family back home. *sniff*

... it's been more than two years and my Korean is still bad as ever. (All that probably improved was the number of k-dramas and programs I've watched and the k-pop artists I know.kk)

... it's been more than two years but Little Park still seems very distant :C *sigh*

Time Check. Asul's not home yet and my eyes are drooping and I could be sleeping any moment. Hmmm... shall I change the security lock number before I sleep so he won't be able to get in? (naku, tulog-mantika pa naman ako! lol) Just a thought. haha :)