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... is Peppero day! :)

Last Sunday, I saw a little girl, probably a 4-year-old, hugging a humongous box of peppero on my way to the supermarket. I casually told Asul about it when I got back home and reminded him NOT to give me any peppero anymore cos it's only for kids. (what am I? a 4-year-old?.......-ish?)haha LOL but of course, anybody can have peppero! It was just my way of saying that Peppero day is coming and that he should feel free to give me any treats *wink*

However, I was still surprised when he handed me the exact same gigantic box of peppero when I got home Tuesday night! (like there's gonna be a peppero shortage or something so we have to stock up)lol

How I wish the chocolate coated cookie sticks inside were like baguette in size!lol Instead, inside the box were 36 regular-sized boxes of three different kinds of peppero... almond, chocolate-filled and original peppero:)

Happy peppero day! :)


Cher@Surviving Korea

ang mahal kaya ng malaking yan...kaya nd ako bumili for hubby and little zach...hahahaha...mmya na lang cgro pguwi ni hubby


@ cher- LOL onga. kahit discounted na sa homeplus, mahal pa rin! haha


I won't mind receiving a gigantic peppero package this Christmas...wag na ha?! Amishu feeby dear! :)


ang sweet naman ng mga hubby nyo... haha...
ang laging reason ni alex he won't fall prey daw sa marketing strategy ng manufacturer..

but i realized na parang he's tired na doing things like this (for his family) kaya parang sobrang enjoy sya pag sya binibili ko tuwing may occasions like this.

so instead, ako na lang yung nagbibigay sa kanya. he feels so special, really... and content naman ako sa mga reactions nya, kkk...

i bought him just 3 of the almond flavors and tuwang tuwa sya, haha.. how i wish i bought the bigger ones na lang..


Hi mishi!- naku, hindi na talaga kasi ubos na! pinamigay ko na.haha hindi naman kasi kumakain si blue ng peppero (and kahit na anong may chocolate!), tos di ko naman makakain lahat,haha bat ala kang post?! mishu, too! :)

hello ms.jehan!- mas nakakatuwa yung ganun. iba ung feeling when you see him happy:)

na-guilty nga ako kasi di ko binigyan ng anything si blue. (eh hindi naman kasi kumakain ng peppero!haha) so i thought it's ok not give him anymore. Bat di ko daw siya binigyan,hehe

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