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... is now my colleague's vision after undergoing LASEK (laser epithelial keratomileusis) eye surgery. He opted for this instead of LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) because of its advantages like less (or no) eye dryness and less post-operative pain. It cost him around 1.7M KRW or approximately 1,500 USD.

I asked him about it cos, now, I can actually relate to it... kkk Having such a poor vision myself. But it's not THAT terrible (or that's what I'm just telling myself:) I can still go through my routine without glasses (though with difficulty cos I keep on squinting every now and then.)

I got my first prescription two years ago but being the stubborn me, I refused to wear the glasses cos I found them bothersome. So, I just put them on when I feel like using them. (pasaway!) And using contact lenses is out of the question. (I just can't... though I find choosing the ones with nice colors so tempting.kk) And So! last month, when I had an eye check up again, I was told that my vision got even worse especially in my right eye. tsk tsk tsk My lenses had to be changed and I was advised to use my glasses ALL of the TIME. NOOOoooooooo. :(

Wouldn't it be nice if, through LASEK or LASIK, I don't have to wear glasses anymore? But the thing is (1) We definitely have NO budget for that! and (2) I'm a scaredy cat! What if something went wrong? Though I've heard how safe it is (two of my co-workers had it... and some relatives of a Korean teacher, too... and they are all okay:) I still can't bear the thought of someone or something "poking" into my eyes.lol

Would you have it? I think I'd stick to my glasses :)



hi Phoebe!

i just don't know kung LASEK or LASIK ba ni-underwent ng korean co-teacher ko pero she's so okay.. both eyes so she spent roughly 3.5Mwon.. she said it's way better talaga and said she regretted it for not getting it done earlier...

umaga nga nasa seoul sya for the procedure.. kinahapunan nasa academy sya nagtuturo.. di ako makapaniwala pero starting that day di na sya nagsuot ng eyeglasses and contacts nya...

Cher@Surviving Korea

i did LASIK on my right eye(right eye lang may problem sa akin) and i had to pay 25,000 pesos that was 10 years ago so it was really expensive, but right now i'm back to wearing my eye glasses bec. my vision on the right eye got bad (not worse because it's still a lot better than before i had LASIK)...i wanted to do it again in korea but docs said it's impossible bec. the layer on my right eye is already so thin because of LASIK and it's not allowed by the law


u don't have to wear glasses anymore after lasik


@jehan- talaga? hays, if i could afford it(or may sponsor!kk) baka pag-isipan ko pa,hehe

@cher- aw,it must be really dangerous na kaya di na nila pinayagan. sayang.

@serra!- i know, right?kk wish i could afford it though.


a big NO NO to eyeglasses and contacts. Pero it seems I'll be needing those in the future, good luck nmn!:) Pero ate pheng, kung lumalala na eh u have to do something na.keri mo yan! :)

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