Happy CHRISTmas! ^^

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So! i don't want to let this day pass without extending my warmest greetings (though it's literally freezing outside!) I realized it's been more than a month since my last post and i swear! we seriously have A LOT of catching up to do (well, at least between me and those who are regularly visiting.hehe) But let's just save it for later, shall we?

It's my third christmas here and this is the first time that I wasn't able to prepare anything for our noche buena:( I got home from work 9:30pm and I was sooo tired that I didn't feel like cooking anymore. LUCKILY, and to my surprise, Asul (who, i must admit, is "learning" pretty fast *wink*) bought this adorable Christmas cake from Paris Baguette.

I've long been finding some 'excuse' to buy this kind of cake since I saw the one Cher gave Jehan for her baby shower.hehe (nainggit?lol) It's pretty expensive you know. Not the type that you can buy cos of whim.kkk But NOW it turned out, i don't need any excuse anymore:) The downside though is that I found it hard to actually eat it cos I was only like staring at it the whole time.Heh! And Asul and I were like arguing who's gonna dig in first cos neither of us wanted to!LOL

And before midnight, I called my family back home and I was sooooo envious they were having such a great time and I wondered when I'd be with them on this holiday. *sniff*

But then, a post from FB reminded me something. It's not MY birthday. It's Jesus Christ's special day. And though it's important for families to be together, the true essence of CHRISTmas is Jesus Christ...the realization of God's promise to us. and HE should be the center of today's celebration ^^

And so! Happy CHRISTmas everyone!



Happy CHRISTmas Phoebe and Asul!

thank you din sa greetings ulit..

i wanted to 'use' this season as an excuse to buy us an adorable cake too but my Mom just wouldnt allow me yesterday since i was told during my checkup to watch my weight gain, kkk...

i wanted this cake from PB too since it really does remind me of Soo Ae's shower party cake but Mom insisted i shouldn't as Alex also doesn't like cakes and pastries... so ako lang kakain in one day, hahaha...

paglabas na lang daw ni Soo Ae... yehey!!!


gil and I were looking at the cake pic and wondering, pano nga ba sisimulan kainin 'to? haha! Christmas is Christ thing yeah, but pls do not make such an excuse! Umuwi ka na (kiddin!) amishu! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both! Mwuah! :)


@jehan- hehe lapit na, wait ka lang po. kain galore.lol Ako lang kaya nakaubos niyang cake. Si Asul kasi di niya kagad narealize na chocolate pala siya!lol Naaliw lang sa design. ^^

mishi! haha siyempre uwing uwi na rin ako noh?! mishu! happy holidays ulet sainyo ni gil :D

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