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Cos it'll just bore you to tears.kkk I just want to list down some of the events in the latter part of 2010, which made the previous year one heck of a ride for me (just so I won't forget) =D

In random order:

1. North Korea's firing on Yeonpyeong Island (which had me preparing our important stuff in a bag just so we'd be ready to flee. seriously!)

2. Ako'y nawindang nang magamit ang aking fb account para mag-iwan ng di kanais-nais na mensahe sa taong super nice naman sakin :( (sorry, kelangan talaga Tagalog!kk) Mahabang salaysayin. I had to deactivate my account tuloy for awhile.
3. A friend said she's getting married! (totally out of the blue. kalurkei!)

4. A news about a preggy friend got me worried :( Thank God she's okay.

5. Went to a place more than two hours away from Seoul, alone. 

6. Another friend is getting married! (i was kind of anticipating it already.... it was just sooner than i expected) 
7. My birthday! (this one deserves a nice single post, donchathinkso?)

8. Had one of the busiest time ever, I never knew I could be THAT productive (and that I COULD be workaholic when I WANT to!kk)

9. A friend had a layover here in Korea. We only had enough time to visit one place and we chose to go to Namsan Tower.

10. Some decisions had to be made.


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