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...that I'm writing at our soon-to-be-former apartment, that is. ^^ We're moving out you see, on Tuesday (tomorrow technically) yey! finally. For weeks I had been busy "thinking" how to sort our things.. and it was only for the past three days that I ACTUALLY did something to get rid of our unnecessary stuff.hehe  The place we're moving to though is not somewhere far... it's just a 5-minute-walk from where we live now.Heh! so much for a 'new' environment.. but still, isn't it exciting? 

And so I just wanna share the first thing that will pop out my head whenever I would think about our first haven. aw. lol

it's our 3rd year wedding anniv last feb 16 ^^

I was sooo not expecting anything for our anniv this year (just sayin' kkk) and it shows, when there are no expectations, the reward is priceless *wink*

I was hurrying home cos I was so excited to give my gift to Asul. A nice wallet to replace his ancient one. Asul was there already when I got home but he didn't let me in and asked me to wait for a while. sigh* soooo Asul-ish! How can I be surprised if I already know that I WILL be suprised? ^^ Minutes had passed and I was literally freezing cos of the negative something temperature. I phoned him and even knocked on the door several times as if to say "I'm freezing out here. What the hell are you doing!?" What a way to start the evening! lol The frown on my face was wiped away instantly though when he opened the door and I saw the dim light and this...
I swear, my jaw dropped and my mouth was open the whole I was so speechless I couldn't say anything. Instead, like my reaction to anything 'extreme' like this. I just cried. OA? i know! it's so me. ^^  

and with this?...

AW. He told me the heart could have been much bigger if didn't come so early. Yeah, I wanna say, it is soooo my fault. Why did I come so early?! lol tsk tsk the bigger heart would have been so much nicer.hihi

We didn't have picture together cos my digicam's batt was dead and we couldn't use the tripod (why oh why? moment pa naman

I was actually thinking of going to my our favorite Japanese restaurant near our area to have dinner but Asul had a different idea. He bought this box of 'chobab' for 10,000 won in Emart and we just ate them at home (with the puso, the candles and the lobo) hehe 

But hey, for those of you thinking "Asul is so sweet"... I had my share, too! ^^ Early morning of the day of our anniv, I suprised him with this couple pj's , forced him to put them on and have our picture taken (okay, that's probably a little cheesy ^^)

ANYWAY! Like what happens in probably any romantic movie behind-the-scenes... Asul also had some Blue-pers..kkk
  • there were 25 balloons and Asul, literally, blew them all up! He ordered them through the internet and the package, which arrived on the same day, didn't have the pump he bought with the candles and balloons! 
  • he had to go out looking for ribbons in stores to tie the balloons cos he didn't have enough and ended up buying the costly ones.
  • he walked to Emart to buy 'chobab' which probably took more than 30 minutes back and forth
  • the double sided tape to stick the balloons to the ceiling was not strong enough which made them fall to the floor one by one... and he had to stick them all up again - you get the
  • I arrived early which had him short of time in lighting up all of the candles
Poor Blue. No wonder he looked exhausted when I came home :(

Isn't it the sweetest thing evah or what?^^ 

But you know what he told me before we went to sleep?
"Phoebe, let's just eat out for dinner next time, shall we?"



THAT'S SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! You're so lucky!


Winner!!! kilig to the bones naman! two thumbs up to your hubby!! d(^-^)b


haha! I literally laugh sa last statement ni blue! It's soooo sweet 'te pheng! Di nmn masyadong nahawahan mo na c blue ng mga surprise thing-y na yan, knowing's sooo you! haha! with the balloons he blew literally? hands down! :)

belated happy anniv! and congrats for the new home! ^_^


thanks cher, laine, jehan & mishi :D

mishi, di ko siya nahawahan... na-pressure ang lolo mo,..takot sa kin!haha di ko alam kung matutuwa ba ako o i think we're too old for this, malamang next year, dinner na lang talaga!haha looking forward to your post about your singapore trip ^^


hi.. wow you're so lucky.. speechless nun mkita ko un picture.. goodluck sa inyong dlwa. ngaun ko lng nlmn n my romantic din plang korean. saludo po ako kay asul.. swerte mo po tlga...


@anonymous- super salamat! :) and thanks for dropping in :)

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