2011 G-Global Aviation

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Is it not a miracle when your Korean husband decides to take a day off??? That's just what mine did last Friday *wink* I was off from work the day after Children's Day and I was actually planning to go somewhere alone... but then Asul said he won't be going to work, either. And so we headed to Ansan, Gyeonggi province to see the aviation and aerospace exhibition.

The video below was the last part of the air show we saw for the day because the rest was cancelled due to the weather. I don't really know how to appreciate the 'art of flying' (if that's how you call it), but this one is sick... and I mean it in a freakingly awesome way ^^ 

Zoltan Veres, from Hungary, was the pilot of the plane. He is known for setting the world record in 2007 for executing 408 continuous rolls in an aircraft! Isn't it crazy?! ^^

There goes Mr. Awesome after the crazy ride^^

I was able to shake his hands but I wasn't able to take a picture with him! (Akapta, his smile looked charming pa naman.lol) *starstruck mode*

The following are just some of our pictures from the exhibition~

The 2011 G-Global Aviation is still running until May 10, Tuesday, 9am to 6pm.



nice day out, Phoebe... kainggit naman... kami kase, kahit holiday na e kundi Ganghwa e in laws duties pa rin kahit may sarili na family. my excuse na nga kami di ba, may "child" na kami e naging inlaws duties pa rin yung thur holiday na yan for us, kkk.. oh well... kkkk...

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