On Health and Death

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I was thinking of something fun to write about, since it's Children's Day today here in Korea,  but I'm just not in the mood to do so. For the past few days, I've had this recurring pain in my tummy but I opted not to see a doctor. Actually, I could go see a doctor alone, but I wanted Asul to go with me... and I knew he couldn't. So I decided to play doctor myself, heh. I just took some medicine: the ones we have at home,those from my boss and those my sister-in-law gave me  (three different kinds, three days in a row)and today is the first morning I woke up with the pain all gone, thank God. I hope it stays away from me for good.

But before my tummy situation, I had already been feeling down since Saturday.

For one, the weather was so depressing, it was dark and rainy in Seoul that we couldn't go out and there was nothing to do. 

Another was a very shocking news I read from fb. My high school senior passed away. He was barely 28. We were not really close friends. We just kind of knew each other way back though we did some school activities together like being in the school paper and stuff. But if someone, someone so young, was from the same hometown, went to the same elementary school, high school AND university, and you, more or less, know his family (his mom was a head teacher when I was in high school and his sister and I were in some organizations together), it is impossible not to be affected by what happened. My first question was WHY? He was very smart, creative and he was a born leader. He had a bright future ahead of him.It felt so surreal. 

Death, and how and why it happens, is probably something I won't understand fully. All I could do, all we could do, is to live life the best we could cos we never know when our time will be. My heart goes out to his family. I share their grief and loss and I pray that he may now be resting in peace with our Creator.



im still on WHY part...i have know idea (or ayaw ko lng maniwala). Anyway, life's short tlga pero no matter how short or long it could be, ang importante prepared tayo spiritually. Be safe ate pheng! Stay well and healthy! ^^

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