Chungjeon! (recharge)

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My brother sent me a message through ym asking why I am not on facebook. I told him it's been more than 3 weeks since I deactivated my account and I was like "... you've only realized now?!" Heh. and I remembered how I had teased him about remembering me only when he needed He's such a sweetie, though. :)

Gah! I miss my social life online but I realized it's good for me,too. Though I'm not really addicted to fb, it sometimes does get in the way when I'm doing much more important stuff (with my poor time management and all). I think it might take a while before I'd be in fb circulation again. Let's just say I'm in a deep summer slumber recharging *wink* 




hi Phoebe! actually nagregister ako non sa fb about mid or last quarter na ba ng 2007 para lang makapaglaro ng "petting game" my companion at the office was addicted to. di ako non ganon ka-active din don. maglaro lang konti, log out na. but when my cousins and siblins started having their own accounts in 2009, don lang ako naging active din talaga and active sa "socializing" with them and friends..

now though, i'm addicted yata sa fb because of an "online flea market" hahaha...

enjoy your summer vacation...

we can't go far for our summer getaway though.. but it's okay as long as Alex and SooAe will enjoy.. haha!


hi ms.jehan! ako din naman, di talaga maki-games. fb lang talaga means of communication ko with family and friends. tsaka yun na mostly ang social life ko!bwahaha bihira naman kasi akong lumabas.

sana nga may mangyari sa summer vacation ko! walang plano eh. wlang bakasyon si asul! asar.hehe buti pa kayo... have fun with ur hubby and cutie baby soo ae!! =)

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