Early fall invasion ^^

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Two of my friends (but we're still hoping there'll be three of them) are 'invading' us on their trip here in September... for one week! Isn't it exciting? The last time I saw them was when they sent me off as I was about to fly here in Korea and that was three years ago!

I sooooo can't wait! I already asked them the specific places they want to visit and the things they want to do and one of them literally, sent me a list which includes :

1) experience making kimchi with pink gloves and stuff 
2) spend a night in a sauna wearing those pink uniforms and eating boiled eggs (isn't it obvious they watch a lot of dramas?kkk)
3) eat street food and drink soju in a tent
4) go to a hair salon together, the three of us looking like the 'ajummas' you can see in dramas
5) watch a movie in a cinema super early in the morning 
6) go skiing early fall! (which means visiting Woongjin Playdoci Snowdoci an indoor ski resort, the first in Korea apparently)    
7)visit drama locations
8) see Lee Minho (stalk was her term actually!lol)
9) see celebrities ... and probably anything that has to do with kpop and kdramas, heh!
 The list was endless!^^

I'm still trying to organize our itineraries cos I want to make sure we can squeeze everything they want to do in a week.. and I'm pretty sure it'd be fine. My only problem is... where can we find Lee Minho?! Does anyone know? Help!kk^^         



friendly visit to you from Turkey
you're welcome dear

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