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      The night before the big day, Asul excused himself, as we were about to sleep, to drink some water and go to the bathroom. It had already been like forever but he wasn't back to bed yet. I KNEW something was up cos I could hear some soft banging sound in the kitchen. I just asked what he was doing but I didn't get up to check up on him. I wouldn't want to spoil his "surprise" for me, would I? That would totally ruin everything. So I just let him do his thing. But I knew it has something to do with a candle and some song. So, in he went and there it was! Boy, was i not expecting it! I wonder where he's been seeing/reading this kind of stuff, cos I swear he's stepping it up every
It would have been sooooo much nicer though, if those candles were on top of something edible like a cupcake or something.haha (Now, I'm being a brat!) lol Nah, i'm just kidding. It actually made me giggle nonstop though for a minute or so before blowing out the candles. I don't know, but it's not just the candles or the song. But the thought that he'd tried to do something that was soooo not him is what I appreciate the most. (I discovered though that if you've been living together for so long, something that would have been romantic for me years ago, seems soooo cheesy now, i thought i was gonna throw up or something.hehe) But I still find it sweet ^^ AND the surprise cake the next early morning was a plus, too!

We really didn't do anything special on that day. It was just like any other day. Nobody even knew my birthday at work (unlike last year when a co-worker, who knew my birthday through fb, bought me my uber favorite egg tarts from Paris Baguette and had a card signed by the other teachers... just reminiscing.kkk) AND I don't have friends' greetings on my fb wall cos I was hibernating at that time. 

But I realized, none of those really matter anymore. The thing is, when people around you and those who matter to you, whether you see them or you don't, in their very simple way, make you feel happy and loved...that's what's priceless^^ I feel so stupid that I had let the months pass being all so stressed, negative and mopey. Now, I feel like i'm ready to start anew.

I really hope to be a better person the year ahead of me (being a year older... and wiser, I hope! *fingers crossed*) AND for the coming new year, 2012. I hope to stay positive, happy and more grateful. There are just so many things to be thankful for and I hope I won't ever fall short of counting every blessing that God has given me.

Good-bye and thank you 2011!
To 2012, welcome! and what else can I say but bring it on!^^ 



Happy New Year Phoebe!

ako naman, parang gusto ko na rin maghybernate pa lalo, LOL! anyway, one "status" on fb made me realize something about the people around me so yeah, i just post and post and post about SooAe..

I love how your hubby makes you feel so special to him. my hubs surprises me too but not like the way your hubby does. also, something always comes up that would make me feel really bad. i don't know. 2011 is so special to me. i had SooAe on jan.18 last year, been in beautiful and ugly moments and i only have her "memory" calendar to always look at when i feel low... but i'm so looking forward to 2012 too.

Cheers to you and me!


Awww... that's so sweet :)

Happy New Year...! :)


your husband is so sweet..,accident lang po na nabasa ko po mga blogs niyo at i envy you for having a loving korean i wish i have a chance to visit korea to...mababait kasi ang mga koreans for what i see sa mga nakakasalamuha ko dito sa states...if happens that you got a fb pls add me po...i want to know more about korea its my dream country po..i am jennifer and i was living here in states with my family...thank you po and GODBLESS!!(MY FB ACCOUNT IS jen salinas po)or just type worry im not a really interested talaga sa korean culture since im a huge kpop fan..and im planning to visit korea this coming march 2012...thank you po ulit..

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