Croquette at Ham-mu Ba-ra (함무바라)

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So, Blue once told me there are two things he discovered about me when it comes to food. (1) My tongue (usually) reacts positively to expensive food (sosyal?) and (2) Once I started mentioning some random food like a thousand times within just a day, we should somehow find a way to actually satisfy my craving or else it would forever hunt me even in my sleep. LOL But hey, don't get me wrong, I'm not spoiled or anything. I don't get to eat anything I want on a whim. I just tend to be repetitive and I was probably starting to get under Blue's skin. 

Okay, enough of that. There was just this same instance weeks ago when I couldn't forget the 'goroke' (고로케) or croquette we had tasted. One of the students' mom in our hagwon or academy sent a box of goroke to her child's teachers and every one of us in the office was able to get a piece (ohhh, the spirit of sharing, don't you just love it?hehe). But I didn't eat mine until I got home to let Blue taste it, too. Why? Well, as each of my coworkers (both Korean and foreign teachers) started to take a bite, they couldn't help but rave about how delicious it was. Well, it really was! I mean I don't normally like croquette cos the ones I've had before had thick and hard (maybe too chewy?) coating for my taste. But this one's... *sigh*... heaven! We had egg-filled croquette and I.LOVED.IT. It came in several types of fillings, too.

We learned from the student's mom that the croquette shop was Ham-mu Ba-ra (함무바라) in Hyehwa. Yup, the Hyehwa where Filipinos gather for Sunday mass and an open market. This is how the store looks outside.

The place only had tables enough for like 8 people. Four people were already seated when we arrived, and two ajummas who came behind us grabbed their seats right away. We were lucky to have had our place to sit since several people just magically appeared and lined up behind us.

Their croquette comes in a variety of fillings. You'd see the names by the counter and on the menu board. There are sausage or so-si-ji (소시지) (I thought it should be so-se-ji (소세지) though, nangengealam?!kkk) cheese or chi-jeu (치즈), vegetable or ya-che (야채), curry or kare (카레), potato or gam-ja (감자) and red bean or pat (팥) which are all 1,500 krw a piece. There are also kimchi (김치) and spicy tuna or me-un-cham-chi (매운참치) which are 1,800krw per piece.

It was about 2:30 pm, and Asul and I had late breakfast, and so it was, technically, lunch. Okay, I'm defensive. I just don't want you think we have monstrous appetite! (though I SOMETIMES do^^) I picked cheese and vegetable-filled ones and Asul had the same. I was like, why did you order the same thing? And he gave me a look as if saying "Seriously? Are you nagging me over the counter right now?"^_____^  It just so happened that he wanted to make it simple since he was still thinking what to order for my SIL's as well and he didn't want to keep the people in line waiting.

veggie and cheese croquette
I was a little bit disappointed with the cheese. It wasn't as yummy as I expected it to be. Just an opinion^^ But the veggie was just delectable! The thing that I like about it is that its coating is pretty soft. I mean in a light and crispy way (not chewy!) It's bursting with rich and tasty filling,too! I particularly like the veggie and the egg croquette.

veggie croquette

(sorry, the picture below and the one above were shot in two different shooting modes^^ below was its natural color :)))

cheese croquette

The veggie is probably popular since some customers who seemed to be regulars in that shop were specifically asking for it. The owner had to turn them down though cos it was sold out already. We were the culprits actually^^ Blue ordered the last pieces to be given to her sisters (shhhhh^^)

The thing is, they only make croquettes in a specific quantity every single day (limited edition eto!^^) and so if they ran out already, you'd have to wait the next day to order. And another nice thing is, they only make the croquette once it is ordered. This is why you are  guaranteed with warm, soft, and fresh croquettes :))    

Anyway, and so we were full. but probably not quite,kkk since Blue asked me if I want another piece. We decided to share a piece of curry croquette.

curry croquette

Gosh, I was close to throwing up when I finished eating. How I wish I didn't order blueberry smoothie. I should have just settled with water. I could have saved 3,000 krw.   
mango and blueberry smoothie

I would definitely come back to this place when I can. You should visit it, too. At least if you're around the area, anyway. It could be a very satisfying treat^^ But if you're planning to buy many pieces, I suggest you call ahead to save time. I'm not sure though if they speak some English, so you might need some help if you don't speak Korean.

Their website:  http://www.함무바라.com/
Contact Number: 010-5238-5777

How to go there:
Hyehwa Station, Subway Line 4, Exit 4 or Exit 1
Walk straight towards Hyehwa Rotary. Take Hyehwa-ro (혜화로), the road just past Lotteria, between SK gas station (SK 주유소) and Hyehwa Post Office (혜화우체국). Walk straight, about 100 meters. The store is on the left side.

If you are coming from Hyehwa-dong Catholic Church, just go to the side opposite the church and take the direction I mentioned above^^

The Best Things in Life are Free!

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... if you count the presents given to you (which,someone actually had to pay for) that is ^^

My youngest SIL gave me movie tickets as a birthday slash Christmas present in December last year. Asul and I have been saving it for when we have time to have a movie date *wink* and we finally did last Friday, May 17th. It was a holiday for it was Buddha’s Birthday or Seokgatansinil (석가탄신일) :))

But here's the catch. It wasn't just our ordinary movie date. We got to have this first class movie experience at Charlotte Theater, at Lotte Department Store-Konkuk University Star City Branch.

We watched Iron Man 3. The tickets cost 30,000 krw per person which means, with only two people, you're paying for like 4 people more in an ordinary screening!

The waiting lounge. There were already one couple and a family of four waiting when we arrived. 

And to add to that VIP vibe, we got to choose 2 drinks! One was served while waiting in the lounge and the other was for when we were in the theater already. How's that?^^ This was my iced cappucino. We arrived like 20 minutes before the movie starts and  I wasn't able to take everything in in one gulp,heh. So, I had to take it inside the movie theater where my grape juice was already waiting. Yeah, not a very good combination. hihi 

This is our seat. It's a spacious, soft, leather sofa and you can adjust it so you can comfortably sit in a slanting position and stretch your legs. There are no armchairs in between so you get to cuddle if you want.kkk  
Sorry for the dark picture. I was having problems with my ancient phone.T.T

While waiting for the movie to start.   

This deluxe screening experience is such a nice treat especially for couples. You know, something you can do on your wedding anniversary, or on valentine's day, or as a kiss-and-make-up gift,harhar! (I would LOVE to get one of those)

But as much as I want to do this like every month,heh! It's quite costly and as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats the comfort of watching a movie at home where you can sit (more like sprawl!) in any position you want without worrying whether your hair is all over the place or you look like crap, hehe plus you can eat anything you want for less cost. (But then,as I've come to think of it, Asul and I have never really done this, ever!) 

I guess what's more important is that you get to spend time with your better half no matter where you are or what you do. And that's one of the best things you can get for free! (char!) Still, I won't mind receiving a gift like this again next time. ^^ 

Happy (non-) Parents' Day

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May 8th is Oe-bo-i-nal (어버이날) or Parents' Day here in Korea. And guess what I've got? This pretty bouquet of carnation... and I'm not even a parent. kkk I was totally surprised when Blue handed this to me as soon as I got home. I thought it was just one of his silly jokes when he would say stuff like "thank you for taking care of me like my parents did" or something like that. haha But I was even more surprised when  he said it was actually from his (our) youngest nephew. Isn't he sweet? He's like the family's baby (though he's in high school already,heh!) and so somehow we're like his parents as well. Gosh, parent is a big word. Let's just say I'm his aunt.^^ I've never really done anything biggie for him, but I was told he likes my cooking (ehem!) especially my 'gamja jorim' (potato side dish) and 'dak bokkeum tang' (spicy braised chicken). Thanks to Maangchi!!! What would I have done without you? kkk (will be posting about this site later)        
I wonder though if somebody actually greets me on this day next year it will be for real? Wishing!~ ^^  
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Gosh, has it been a year since my last post? I was actually tempted to write "I'm Back" as this post's title, but opted not to since that would mean I should be posting regularly again and that's a promise to myself I'm not sure I can keep. heh!  So let's just leave it blank for now, shall we? We'll see how it goes ^^

But speaking of being back, this post about my hometown by one of my juniors in high school, in his blog- Lakbay Aral Espesyal- made me look forward to visiting home this year. It was supposed to be this month actually, just in time for my li'l brother's college graduation (yay!), but I had to move it to a later date *sniff*

Anyway, the photos he took were amazing! It's made me see my hometown in a different light (and i mean literally,too!^^) There are distinct changes in those familiar places which somehow made it look different... it still feels the same, though.

Gahh! Now I feel nostalgic. So much for my "I'm back"-post.kkk I just hope to be blogging again really soon *fingers crossed*