The Best Things in Life are Free!

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... if you count the presents given to you (which,someone actually had to pay for) that is ^^

My youngest SIL gave me movie tickets as a birthday slash Christmas present in December last year. Asul and I have been saving it for when we have time to have a movie date *wink* and we finally did last Friday, May 17th. It was a holiday for it was Buddha’s Birthday or Seokgatansinil (석가탄신일) :))

But here's the catch. It wasn't just our ordinary movie date. We got to have this first class movie experience at Charlotte Theater, at Lotte Department Store-Konkuk University Star City Branch.

We watched Iron Man 3. The tickets cost 30,000 krw per person which means, with only two people, you're paying for like 4 people more in an ordinary screening!

The waiting lounge. There were already one couple and a family of four waiting when we arrived. 

And to add to that VIP vibe, we got to choose 2 drinks! One was served while waiting in the lounge and the other was for when we were in the theater already. How's that?^^ This was my iced cappucino. We arrived like 20 minutes before the movie starts and  I wasn't able to take everything in in one gulp,heh. So, I had to take it inside the movie theater where my grape juice was already waiting. Yeah, not a very good combination. hihi 

This is our seat. It's a spacious, soft, leather sofa and you can adjust it so you can comfortably sit in a slanting position and stretch your legs. There are no armchairs in between so you get to cuddle if you want.kkk  
Sorry for the dark picture. I was having problems with my ancient phone.T.T

While waiting for the movie to start.   

This deluxe screening experience is such a nice treat especially for couples. You know, something you can do on your wedding anniversary, or on valentine's day, or as a kiss-and-make-up gift,harhar! (I would LOVE to get one of those)

But as much as I want to do this like every month,heh! It's quite costly and as far as I'm concerned, nothing beats the comfort of watching a movie at home where you can sit (more like sprawl!) in any position you want without worrying whether your hair is all over the place or you look like crap, hehe plus you can eat anything you want for less cost. (But then,as I've come to think of it, Asul and I have never really done this, ever!) 

I guess what's more important is that you get to spend time with your better half no matter where you are or what you do. And that's one of the best things you can get for free! (char!) Still, I won't mind receiving a gift like this again next time. ^^ 

Happy (non-) Parents' Day

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May 8th is Oe-bo-i-nal (어버이날) or Parents' Day here in Korea. And guess what I've got? This pretty bouquet of carnation... and I'm not even a parent. kkk I was totally surprised when Blue handed this to me as soon as I got home. I thought it was just one of his silly jokes when he would say stuff like "thank you for taking care of me like my parents did" or something like that. haha But I was even more surprised when  he said it was actually from his (our) youngest nephew. Isn't he sweet? He's like the family's baby (though he's in high school already,heh!) and so somehow we're like his parents as well. Gosh, parent is a big word. Let's just say I'm his aunt.^^ I've never really done anything biggie for him, but I was told he likes my cooking (ehem!) especially my 'gamja jorim' (potato side dish) and 'dak bokkeum tang' (spicy braised chicken). Thanks to Maangchi!!! What would I have done without you? kkk (will be posting about this site later)        
I wonder though if somebody actually greets me on this day next year it will be for real? Wishing!~ ^^  
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Gosh, has it been a year since my last post? I was actually tempted to write "I'm Back" as this post's title, but opted not to since that would mean I should be posting regularly again and that's a promise to myself I'm not sure I can keep. heh!  So let's just leave it blank for now, shall we? We'll see how it goes ^^

But speaking of being back, this post about my hometown by one of my juniors in high school, in his blog- Lakbay Aral Espesyal- made me look forward to visiting home this year. It was supposed to be this month actually, just in time for my li'l brother's college graduation (yay!), but I had to move it to a later date *sniff*

Anyway, the photos he took were amazing! It's made me see my hometown in a different light (and i mean literally,too!^^) There are distinct changes in those familiar places which somehow made it look different... it still feels the same, though.

Gahh! Now I feel nostalgic. So much for my "I'm back"-post.kkk I just hope to be blogging again really soon *fingers crossed*