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Gosh, has it been a year since my last post? I was actually tempted to write "I'm Back" as this post's title, but opted not to since that would mean I should be posting regularly again and that's a promise to myself I'm not sure I can keep. heh!  So let's just leave it blank for now, shall we? We'll see how it goes ^^

But speaking of being back, this post about my hometown by one of my juniors in high school, in his blog- Lakbay Aral Espesyal- made me look forward to visiting home this year. It was supposed to be this month actually, just in time for my li'l brother's college graduation (yay!), but I had to move it to a later date *sniff*

Anyway, the photos he took were amazing! It's made me see my hometown in a different light (and i mean literally,too!^^) There are distinct changes in those familiar places which somehow made it look different... it still feels the same, though.

Gahh! Now I feel nostalgic. So much for my "I'm back"-post.kkk I just hope to be blogging again really soon *fingers crossed*



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