Happy (non-) Parents' Day

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May 8th is Oe-bo-i-nal (어버이날) or Parents' Day here in Korea. And guess what I've got? This pretty bouquet of carnation... and I'm not even a parent. kkk I was totally surprised when Blue handed this to me as soon as I got home. I thought it was just one of his silly jokes when he would say stuff like "thank you for taking care of me like my parents did" or something like that. haha But I was even more surprised when  he said it was actually from his (our) youngest nephew. Isn't he sweet? He's like the family's baby (though he's in high school already,heh!) and so somehow we're like his parents as well. Gosh, parent is a big word. Let's just say I'm his aunt.^^ I've never really done anything biggie for him, but I was told he likes my cooking (ehem!) especially my 'gamja jorim' (potato side dish) and 'dak bokkeum tang' (spicy braised chicken). Thanks to Maangchi!!! What would I have done without you? kkk (will be posting about this site later)        
I wonder though if somebody actually greets me on this day next year it will be for real? Wishing!~ ^^  


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